DIR: Cy Kuckenbaker . FIC . 24 min . Color . HDV > H264 . USA . 2006

A letter arrives from Germany; Mindaugas has died. To fulfill his last requests Ervinas and Romas travel across Eastern Europe from Lithuania to Berlin on a quest to pay their respects. In Berlin they investigate the Berlin wall, meet a belly dancer and survey the staggering modernity of the West. As their search for the grave becomes futile, old secrets emerge.

Production, Editing: Cy Kuckenbaker. Cinematography: Cy Kuckenbaker, David Fenster. Sound: Devin McNulty. Music: Aivaras. Cast: Martinas Ervinas Peteraitis, Romaldas Stasys Mickevicius

Sun, 4 nov 18h Instituto Moreira Salles Calarts Highlights
Tue, 6 nov 15h30 Odeon Petrobras Calarts Highlights