International Competition 3

97 min . 14 years

Sat, 2 nov 17h Estação Net Botafogo 1
Sun, 3 nov 20h30 Estação Net Botafogo 3

The Van

DIR: Erenik Beqiri . 15 min . Albania, France . 2019

The van finally stops, the doors open, and the son comes out alive. A few more fights, and he will be able to pay his way out of Albania and, hopefully, take his father with him.

Rest in peace

DIR: M. Reza Fahriyansyah . 26 min . Indonesia . 2018

Santoso and Wati are in grief for Agung, their only son, suddenly died. It leads Santoso into unfavorable circumstances while he gets around to preparing for the funeral.

Dossier of the dossier

DIR: Sorayos Prapapan . 18 min . Thailand . 2019

The director and the producer are working on the dossier of their film.

Stay Awake, be Ready

DIR: Pham Thien An . 14 min . South Korea, USA, Vietnam . 2019

On a street corner, a mysterious conversation among three young men at a street stall.

All The Fires the Fire

DIR: Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis . 24 min . Greece . 2019

Men set birds free on the mountains. Two grieving, estranged brothers try their marksmanship together with their sons. It’s the hunting season. Can a bird’s heart stop in the sky with no bullets coming through its body?