International Competition 5

94 min . 12 years

Mon, 4 nov 17h Estação Net Botafogo 1
Tue, 5 nov 20h30 Estação Net Botafogo 3


DIR: Antoine Fontaine . 24 min . Belgium, France . 2019

Brussels. In a flea market, the director discovers a suitcase full of 16 mm footage from a mysterious Dr. Veroft. This doctor had a passion for insects. He filmed all kind of insects for nearly 50 years, taking notes and dissecting them. But the line between passion and obsession is thin. The film is like an investigation to know who was this Dr. Veroft and what was the reason of this obsession.


DIR: Frank O'Neill . 11 min . USA . 2018

Lured with the promise of making money, Aaron steals a backpack full of rabbits. An encounter with the sacred, symbolized by the parable of a lost falcon searching for its falconer, beckons him to repent and return to his divine origin.


DIR: Juan Pablo Caballero . 8 min . Colombia . 2018

Quechua natives prepare for White Man, a time traveler and explorer who crashed and abandoned his spaceship in the Amazon to return and take them away on an interstellar journey.


DIR: Przemek Węgrzyn . 15 min . Poland . 2019

An ecological fairy tale in which a descendant of a cloned animal tells the story of vanished humanity. Scarcity is a journey through desolate spaces, abandoned by humans, lost in time and history. The guide, a descendant of one of the first cloned animals, reveals memories of Earth's inhabitants, trying to understand what happened.

Transparent, the world is.

DIR: Yuri Muraoka . 7 min . Japan . 2019

The portrait of me and my daughters, which depicts the relationship between “the personality” and “the world/the society” as of 2018. This is the story about an intense dichotomy inside/outside of me. And the world, which is made of a mix of various colors that becomes “transparent”.

Above us only sky

DIR: Arthur Kleinjan . 29 min . Netherlands . 2019

A narrator leads the viewer into a magical-realist history that is bereft of fabrication. 'Above us only sky' questions the surreal logic of chance, repetition of events, and synchronicity. The film blurs the boundaries that separate us from the past through a present that shifts and fluctuates between reality, imagination and speculation.