International Competition 6

95 min . 16 years

Mon, 4 nov 20h30 Estação Net Botafogo 3
Tue, 5 nov 17h Estação Net Botafogo 1

The Trap

DIR: Nada Riyadh . 20 min . Germany, Egypt . 2019

In the peculiar set up of a deserted and run-down Egyptian seaside resort in wintertime, a young unmarried couple arrives to make love. The power dynamics between them is tested when the girl reveals she wants their relationship to end.


DIR: Juan David Mejía Vásquez . 15 min . Colombia . 2019

Yeison lives alone, is eleven years old and survives hunting in the forest. His family is gone. One afternoon a man arrives at his house and begins to inhabit it. Yeison ruthlessly tries to get him out. The man resists and confronts him, finally discovering the real fragility and loneliness of Yeison.


DIR: Jan Vejnar . 14 min . France, Czech Republic . 2019

A man follows a group of workers coming for daywork in an industrial area. Soon he’s stripped from his clothes and identity, dressed in a military uniform and armed. His determination not to fall behind the others is then tested by a series of unsettling events.

Party Day

DIR: Sofia Bost . 17 min . Portugal . 2019

Mena lives alone with her daughter Clara. Today is Clara’s seventh birthday. Despite her limited financial resources, Mena still manages to organize a birthday party. But after a phone call from her mother she becomes distraught and anxious.


DIR: Enric Ribes . 29 min . Spain . 2019

Fear and fascination arise in Muriel Grey when she remembers the figure of her father, who passed away when she was still very young. Thirty years after his death, Muriel will tell us the story of José Carlos Grey, a survivor of the Mauthausen concentration camp.