National Competition 6

93 min . 16 years

Mon, 4 nov 16h Estação Net Botafogo 3
Tue, 5 nov 19h Estação Net Botafogo 1
Wed, 6 nov 17h30 Estação Net Botafogo 2


DIR: Jéferson . 20 min . RJ/Brazil . 2019

Maré, present time. Vermelhinho (Little Red), a horse raised by a boy named Jorge, escapes the pen where he was left to rest. During a regular day at the favela, Jorge and his horse-riding friends look for Vermelhinho. In the search for his horse, Jorge finds himself.


DIR: Fabrício Cordeiro, Luciano Evangelista Luciano . 21 min . GO/Brazil . 2019

Brazilian Midwest is full of old devils and guará-wolves.


DIR: Maick Hannder . 12 min . MG/Brazil . 2019

I saw a boy crossing the street today.

A Nave de Mané Socó

DIR: Severino Dadá . 18 min . RJ/Brazil . 2019

A menace from space terrifies a small and peaceful town in Pernambuco’s outback. The local radio station, with a tone of sensationalism, narrates the red planet’s mysterious abductions.

Auto Falo

DIR: Caio Dornelas . 22 min . PE/Brazil . 2019

Every morning Nivaldo washes his car, closes his eyes and cums.