Panorama Latinoamericano 3

92 min . 16 years

Sun, 3 nov 15h Estação Net Botafogo 1
Mon, 4 nov 18h30 Estação Net Botafogo 3


DIR: Irene Ponce . 22 min . Cuba, Spain . 2019

Oliva is emotionally drained. Her low self-esteem makes her go through her days as a mere spectator. However, this emptiness and meaningless life will give birth to the strength that she needs to feel she can fend for herself. Oliva is a cry of dignity against the feeling of shame that accompanies and traps psychological pain. A soft scream, full of fissures with the strength of a self-portrait.

Soul of the sea

DIR: Elvis Rigoberto Caj Cojoc . 9 min . Guatemala, Norway . 2019

During the day, the sun cast shadows over her rhythm in the streets. When night falls, her black eyes reflect the moon. Arisa dances each day and night. She's searching for a melody reflected in the water surrounding her island, transparent and everlasting.

High Tide

DIR: Marco Salaverría . 10 min . Venezuela . 2019

A woman long for her husband returns after he disappears at the sea.

The Future

DIR: Ernesto Martínez Bucio . 13 min . Mexico . 2019

Mother and son drive outside the city. The police has found some bodies, and one of them could be Javier, her son, his brother.

Old World

DIR: Luis Garay Guevara . 10 min . Argentina . 2019

Back in Buenos Aires, I rummage on the memories of my last trip to Italy. Through pictures, off screen, and audio recordings, I rebuild a one-day experience in Rome: I met a guy through Grindr, I visited Pasolini’s monument, and a Colombian fellow tried to evangelize me at the subway station. This day was a clue for me to understand the “old continent”, as we call it from here.

Trois Machettes

DIR: Matthieu Maunier Rossi . 28 min . France, Haiti . 2019

Haiti, nowadays. One day in the life of a family of three: three men, alone with their dreams and frustrations. Three generations under the burning sun. A day like every other day... And between them, everywhere, in every hand, there are blades: machetes. And when the night eventually comes…