Panorama Latinoamericano 4

89 min . 16 years

Tue, 5 nov 15h Estação Net Botafogo 1
Wed, 6 nov 16h Estação Net Botafogo 3

Ari and I

DIR: Adriana Faria . 13 min . Brazil, Cuba . 2019

Adriana is a brazilian aspiring filmmaker. During a trip to study documentary at the famous Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV in Cuba, without knowing how to speak spanish, she meets Arislay, a smart and brave little girl, who lives at the small Pueblo Textil, an abandon town. There, Ari teaches the new words and the student learns while making her movie.


DIR: Gerardo Minutti . 12 min . Uruguay . 2019

Mirta and Jorge are in a modern kitchen, clean and with little use. They eat something, drink beer and are relaxed. While Jorge does a massage for Mirta, they are surprised by Elvira, the neighbor. The atmosphere between them becomes tense and uncomfortable, the home is no longer the same.


DIR: Esteban Santana . 20 min . Chile . 2019

Descending from the heights of Puerto, Celso (50), a done for and miserable poet, submerges into the ruined streets of the city. He visits and comes across odd individuals hidden in the depths of a port that is no longer such.

The Water

DIR: Andrea Dargenio . 14 min . Argentina . 2019

A man wakes up in a world where water has disappeared, however, everyone acts like nothing happened.


DIR: Sofia Marcos . 30 min . Portugal, Dominican Republic . 2019

In the city of Hospitalet, a squat community works to build a self-sustainable life. To get money, they will have to decide how to fit in society to get it.