First Frames 2

95 min . 12 years

Thu, 31 oct 17h30 Estação Net Botafogo 2
Fri, 1 nov 18h30 Estação Net Botafogo 3

Moms don't cry

DIR: Carol Rodrigues, Vaneza Oliveira . 20 min . SP/Brazil . 2019

Rachel works on the family court in the public defender, and has to take her son to work because he can't leave him with his father.

Parched Return

DIR: Roberto Veiga . 22 min . PE/Brazil . 2019

30 years after leaving, Marieta returns to the village she was born in, Volta Seca. Traversing through familiar landscapes, she dives headfirst into retrieving memories of her youth, seeking for the true spirit of this journey.

Before Yesterday

DIR: Caio Franco . 6 min . SP/Brazil . 2019

Some people still don't know who they are.

Those Two

DIR: Émerson Maranhão . 15 min . CE/Brazil . 2018

Caio José is 25 years old and is a nurse, Kaio Lemos is 38 and is an academic researcher. They have a good intellectual formation, friends, family and would not differentiate themselves from the many boys who live similar realities were it not for being transgender men, a determining condition for the course that took their lives.


DIR: Clara Vilas Boas, Emanuele Sales . 12 min . MG/Brazil . 2019

Teçá is a lonely young woman who works as a DJ and suffers from her vivid memories. During her setlist at a party, a woman takes a photo of Teçá. This woman keeps appearing on her way.


DIR: Diego Paulino . 20 min . SP/Brazil . 2018

Between melanin and far away planets, BLACKN3SS proposes a dive into the journey of the black youth of São Paulo city. A documentary on blackness, queerness and spacial aspirations of the diaspora's children.