94 min . 10 years

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Blue Balloon

DIR: Alice Gomes . 17 min . RJ/Brazil . 2018

A film about a lonely boy, his relationship with the sky and with a gas balloon, vehicle to which he transfer the pain caused by his mother's absence.


DIR: Bernard Attal . 8 min . Brazil . 2018

Dela, a little girl with a mind of her own, lives with her dad on the magical island of Itaparica in Brazil's Bay of All Saints. She does not understand why the kids at school make fun of her name and her hair. But she is determined to sort it out.


DIR: Paulo Silver . 15 min . AL/Brazil . 2019

At a landfill, a boy observes the imponent wall of a luxurious condo. He uses his imagination to build his own fantasy world.

The Dress

DIR: Carla Saavedra Brychcy . 13 min . Bolivia, Brazil . 2019

While shopping for a dress with her teenage sister, eleven-year-old Marina experiences her first period.

Amani's Veil

DIR: Renata Diniz . 15 min . DF/Brazil . 2019

Amani is a Muslim Pakistani girl. When she moves into her new home, she receives an unexpected gift from her Brazilian neighbor: a bikini.

A Common Activity

DIR: Gustavo Carvalho, Jefferson Messias . 26 min . Brazil, USA . 2019

A documentary made by youngsters from the American School of Rio de Janeiro and young people from the favela Rocinha who accompanied for 9 months the performance of a Shakespeare show, also made by the union of young people from the American School and the slums of Rio. Accompanied by theatrical director Daniel Hertz, the play portrays the contrast of different classes united by a common activity.