70 min . All ages admitted

Tue, 5 nov 19h Cinemaison
Wed, 6 nov 18h30 Estação Net Botafogo 3

Rio hoje MAM

DIR: Sandra Kogut . 9 min . RJ/Brazil . 1989

Documentary about the reopening of the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (which had been
devoured by the flames in 1978). Artists, visitors, authorities and folk are invited to give their opinion about the museum and its history.

Videocabines são Caixas Pretas

DIR: Sandra Kogut . 9 min . RJ/Brazil . 1990

A recording and viewing network where people relate individually to the equipment
for thirty seconds.

Lá e Cá

DIR: Sandra Kogut . 25 min . Brazil . 1995

The different distances that separate the imagined place from the living place.

Adieu Monde ou I’histoire de Pierre et Claire

DIR: Sandra Kogut . 27 min . France . 1997

Not everything is true, not everything is a lie in legends that pass from generation to generation. The story of Pierre and Claire is a legend invented today, but as true and universal as those that went through the ages.