A Paradise

DIR: Jayisha Patel . 14 min . Cuba . 2014

Damaris and alberto live in an isolated village in the sierra maestra mountains of cuba. Four months ago, their 12 year old son committed suicide. Whilst looking to friends and a new found religion to help deal with their loss, an even more disturbing issue is revealed, one that affects not only them, but also their community.

Earth's children

DIR: Diego Sarmiento Pagán . 15 min . Peru . 2014

Jorge Tapullima is a kechwa-lamista community child. He lives in Chiriqyako, in the Peruvian Amazon. In the morning, Jorge has the habit of going to pick bananas for breakfast, cooked by his mother. Moreover, he and his friends walk to their farm as they sing and play with the 'pukuna', instrument for hunting. Work on the land and return to play, as children they are. Jorge shows us his everyday in Chiriqyako.


DIR: Simon Mesa Soto . 16 min . England . 2014

Leidi lives with her mom and her baby. Her boyfriend, Alexis, hasn't shown up in days. That sunny morning, after she bathed her baby, Leidi was sent by her mother to buy plantains. She meets a guy that tells her he has seen Alexis with another girl. She forgets about bringing home the plantains and embarks on a journey to find him. Leidi won’t return home until she finds the father of her child.

The Inner Valley

DIR: Alejandro Telémaco Tarraf . 16 min . Argentina . 2013

Geronimo is a farm man. He lives and Works in the coast of Rio de la Plata. Geronimo starts a journey, a journey inside himself.


DIR: Iván D. Gaona . 14 min . Colombia . 2014

For Rosa, a peasant woman rooted in rural life, learning to drive a car at 55 years old is somewhat complex, but now it is hard to start but where to go.

That Music

DIR: Dario Vejarano . 29 min . Colombia . 2013

Omar, a construction worker, receives a recorded message in his cell phone from an unknown caller, even though nobody speaks in the message, he vaguely recognizes the melody of a song amidst the noise of the recording. From that moment on, he will start a search to find out the name of that song in an attempt to remember the life he once had with his family.

The Queen

DIR: Manuel Abramovich . 19 min . Argentina . 2013

Her costume is White and Brown and has a 10-pound headpiece that was so big they had to remove some weight, because her head kept falling.  But now she doesn’t want any more taken off because it’s beautiful. Lost in a world of adults and full of activities, Memi prepares to be the queen of the Carnival.

Moving Day

DIR: Tana Gilbert Fernández . 13 min . Chile . 2013

A family moves from their house, the parents are splitting up and taking different paths. Claudia (48), is the nanny from many years ago, she is the only one concerned about the moving, each member of the family does nothing to cooperate, while the moving truck gets there in a few minutes. Most of the boxes are sealed, the apartment’s living area is divided en boxes with Carlos’s name, the father, and Fernanda’s, the mother. The younger kid, Felipe (13) listens to music in his cell, but with no headphones, while putting his clothes in a big bag in his room. The eldest, Natalia (18) is in the kitchen looking for pills for her mom, she looks at the mess and stares at the room. Carlos (50) drinks coffee and smokes out in the balcony. Fernanda (45) is lying on the bed with a little towel on her forehead due to the headache she has. The tension rises when Felipe can’t find his blue headphones and Fernanda, who is so ill, wants him to turn off the music. A few minutes before the truck gets there, Fernanda is getting picked up, taking Felipe and Natalia with her. During the farewell Fernanda confesses to Claudia that she will not be able to work there anymore and that Carlos will take care of paying her. After the farewell, Claudia, who was expecting this situation, finishes cleaning the kitchen when Carlos comes up to her and asks her to stay a little longer to receive the moving truck, because he has to go quickly to work and can’t stay to wait for them. Claudia will take an unexpected decision that will lead her to enjoy the house by herself, the house in which she worked for so long.

Between Romina and the World

DIR: Guadalupe Docampo . 11 min . Argentina . 2014

Romina has everything set up. In the bathroom, only her and the step by step of her release. But silence moans, honks and bellows. Who condemns Romina to such a tear?


DIR: Raúl De la Fuente . 27 min . Spain . 2013

Cerro Rico in Potosí (Bolivia) is a lawless territory, characterized by brutal violence. The miners risk their lives every day, digging for silver and zinc in crumbling galleries. The ones that survive think they’re entitled to anything and everything. And that’s when they go on the hunt… for women. Minerita is the story of three women — Lucía (40), Ivone (16) and Abigail (17) — who work as night watch women or inside the mine, struggling to survive in an inhuman inferno. Their only weapon is their courage… and dynamite.


DIR: Sara Seligman . 18 min . Mexico . 2014

In a small town in Mexico, Diego is growing up in a family that lives day-by-day, where violence is equivalent to manhood. He struggles to fit in and prove his worth to his father because he is, by nature, a quiet and sensitive child.

Maguey Opossum

DIR: Miguel Anaya Borja . 7 min . Mexico . 2014

The story of a hungry opossum that is captured while trying to find his food. He manages to escape and continue his search, although what he really finds, is a long lasting friendship.


DIR: Francisco Joaquín Paparella . 16 min . Argentina . 2013

A Chilean's descendant goes up in the mountain on his horse to his parent's land in Argentinian Patagonia.