DIR: Alkisti Efthymiou . 13 min . Chile . 2021

sun, 7 nov 15h Estação Net Botafogo 1 PANORAMA LATINO AMERICANO #2
sun, 7 nov 17h Festhome TV PANORAMA LATINO AMERICANO #2

Alkisti, 32-years-old and originally from Greece, shares the same house in Santiago with Mara, 4-years-old and born in Chile. Alkisti is Mara’s godmother and a close friend of her single mother. While Mara and Alkisti develop a strong friendship, outside the house unfolds the most important uprising in the country since the return of democracy. Alkisti has been going to the marches and brings her adventures home. Mara cannot take part in the revolt but she is affected and inspired by it. In the midst of all this context, they both start to invent a tale about feminist resistance, collective care and survival. The protest is interrupted by the pandemic but their tale goes on while they both isolate themselves at home, just as the women protagonists of their story confine themselves to the castle. Mara invents the ending: she becomes a kindly queen to fight the beast and takes all the women under her care.