DIR: Mariana Villas-Bôas . 15 min . RJ/Brazil . 2020

mon, 8 nov 21h Estação Net Botafogo 1 PANORAMA CARIOCA #3
mon, 8 nov 22h Festhome TV PANORAMA CARIOCA #3

Pytuhem: A letter in defense of the guardians of the forest is a manifest performance of the artist and activist Zahy Guajajara, who tell us her life story to relate the journey of indigenous peoples’ struggle for “R-existence”. She speaks about the Guardians of the Forests, a group of Guajajara who fight for the preservation of the forests. Telling us how they resist to protect the Guajajara indigenous people; ancestors; and rituals. The Guardians of the Forest in Arariboia – Maranhão also protect the Awá Guajá, Indigenous who don’t have any contact with western civilization. The intensified deforestation caused by the fires set by groups of hunters and loggers is exhausting their water and food reserves. Since Bolsonaro became president of Brazil, five of the Forest Guardians have been murdered.

Zahy Guajajara was born in the Indigenous Reservation of Cana Brava, in Maranhão, Brazil, and in 2010 she moved to Rio de Janeiro where she became an Artivist and worked in television, theatre and cinema.