DIR: Constancia Laviola Carreiro . 28 min . RJ/Brazil . 2021

sun, 7 nov 21h Estação Net Botafogo 1 PANORAMA CARIOCA #2
sun, 7 nov 22h Festhome TV PANORAMA CARIOCA #2

"When The Sun Goes Down", is a script loosely inspired by a short story by Henri Barbusse, called "The Last Steps" and brings to the discussion a very current theme due to the Covid epidemic _19: The difficulty in dealing with death and with the new routines imposed by the pandemic. Without putting the disease in the foreground, the script portrays the relationship of interdependence of the elderly and what would become of life than stay, after the death of a life partner.
Fatality happens and the widow of the couple's son, Margarida, lives a moral dilemma. While revisiting her grief over the loss of her husband, which occurred ten years earlier, she does not have the strength to tell her father-in-law what happened to the old woman because he lost his sight at the very moment she is leaving.