DIR: Rakan Mayasi . 15 min . Belgium, France, Lebanon, Palestine . 2021

sat, 6 nov 17h Estação Net Botafogo 1 INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION #3
sat, 6 nov 19h Festhome TV INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION #3

Lebanon today - the war in Syria is next door. A once dreamy and undisturbed meadow changes drastically in the eyes of Boushra, 14years - who returns from work picking potatoes to learn that her childhood will soon come to an end. With an absent father, her mother sells her into marriage. As she tries to connect with her decaying hometown, Boushra fears the impending possibilities of departure and becoming a woman. Without dialogues, ‘Trumpets in the Sky’ is a poetic visual contemplation on landscapes and the complexity of human traditions. Part fiction, part documentary, and purposely blurring the distinction, the bleakness of the narrative explores a dark socio-political critique of patriarchy, the repercussions of war, and the myth of sacrifice.