International Competition 2

69 min . 16 anos

Sat, 21 nov 17h Festhome TV

Lumbalú: Agonía

DIR: Jorge Perez . 15 min . Colombia . 2020

Felipa awaits death with resentment towards her daughter Eva for refusing to follow the funeral traditions of Lumbalú from her town San Basilio de Palenque when her husband Juan died. The visits of the soul in pain of Juan are more common than before and more evident, and seems like Eva has learned to live with it. Filomena, Eva's aunt arrives and finds a dying Felipa, so she makes sure that, before the upcoming death of her sister, her niece does not make the same mistake she made with Juan.

Have You Seen That Man?

DIR: Yotam Ben-David . 15 min . Romania . 2020

An 8 years-old boy finds a dead man's body at a top of a mountain. As he knocks on the doors of the village, trying to solve the mystery, a portrait of a village is revealed - a place in transition between the traditions of the past and the violence of contemporary reality.

O Black Hole!

DIR: Renee Zhan . 16 min . England . 2020

A woman who can't stand the passing of time turns herself into a black hole. A thousand unchanging years pass inside her warm and dark embrace until, finally, the Singularity awakens inside. An immovable woman meets an unstoppable girl in this epic 2D/3D space opera about the meaning of transience and letting go.


DIR: Kyuho Sim . 23 min . South Korea . 2020

A young man who lives in retreat from the city finds a suspicious sack in the water while fishing. Suddenly, a crippled stranger with a hump on his chin appears before the young man’s eyes.