International Competition 5

71 min . 12 anos

Tue, 24 nov 17h Festhome TV


DIR: Hanxiong Bo . 16 min . . 2020

Disguised as a girl growing up during the time of one-child policy in China, Yan confuses about his gender identity and struggles with the conservative world around him now. Drifting his dad's old taxi becomes his way of expressing feelings.


DIR: Daniel Belenguer . 8 min . Spain . 2019

Javi, a 13 year-old boy assaults another kid in his judo training. His teacher punishes him and he finds help on the most unexpected person: his troubled father.

Dirt Devil 550 XS

DIR: Rolf Hellat . 17 min . Switzerland . 2020

Residents of a flat share discuss the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner. A genuine film about group dynamics, daily living together and democracy, in which banality, poetry and humour are mixed.

Red Aninsri

DIR: Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke . 30 min . Thailand . 2020

The queer espionage film made in the tradition of Cold-War-era Thai dubbed film. A transwoman prostitute-cum-spy is assigned a mission to disguise as a cis-masculine gay to acquire important information from an idealistic student activist.