International Competition 6

67 min . 12 anos

Wed, 25 nov 17h Festhome TV


DIR: Naïla Guiguet . 20 min . France . 2020

In an abandoned warehouse, a crowd is dancing as one on 145 BPM techno music. Among them is Dustin, a young transgender and crew: Felix, Raya and Juan. As the night draws on, collective hysteria morphs into sweet melancholy, and euphoria into yearning for tenderness.


DIR: Matisse Gonzalez . 11 min . Germany, Bolivia . 2019

In a world where gravity changes constantly, you have to find something to keep you grounded.


DIR: Kathy E. Mitrani . 11 min . USA . 2020

Somewhere in the heat of South Florida, Adrian gets mesmerized by a mysterious attraction and decides to trail a gang of teenagers. But when she trespasses private property and gets involved in their reckless games, she quickly sees belonging has a price that only she pays.


DIR: Daniel D. Saucedo, Lucía Malandro . 10 min . Uruguay . 2019

The iconic movie theater Acapulco de La Habana opens its doors for the screening of the film Dracula’s Satanic Rituals. The movie theater itself becomes the setting of the film, and the projectionist, one of the protagonists.

A Trip to Heaven

DIR: Linh Duong . 15 min . Vietnam . 2020

During a peculiar tour bus to Mekong Delta, 50-year-old Mdm.Tam bumps into her high school sweetheart. She's hopeful for a chance of reconciliation, but maybe he's not.