International Competition 8

72 min . 12 anos

Fri, 27 nov 17h Festhome TV

Xiao Qiang Had a Daydream

DIR: Xisi Sofia Ye Chen . 17 min . Spain . 2020

Xiao Qiang (11) lives with his grandparents in a mountain village Southeast China while his father works in a distant city. After being scolded by his grandfather for having stolen in school, Xiao Qiang escapes, going into the forest to get lost. Frightened in the middle of the night he manages to be guided by a light emanating from a Buddhist temple, a curious place occupied by a group of card players and a monk who smokes cigarettes. In the temple the statues observe. Hypnotized by a Sutra machine that issues invitations to the Pure Land, Xiao Qiang, wandering among luminous walls, will live an experience that will lead him to make an important decision: to seek freedom.


DIR: Nisha Platzer . 14 min . Canada, Cuba . 2020

Every day, 18 year old Nori walks to the Bauta station to listen, watch, and feel the vibrations of the passing trains. His playful imagination leads us through the space as we witness his obsession and his sensory experience of arrival and departure. A glimpse of adolescence in the Cuban countryside.

L'ile et le Continent

DIR: Laurie Bost, Sébastien Savine . 12 min . France . 2019

Louise is a mermaid. One day, a young man discovers her secret.

3 Logical Exits

DIR: Mahdi Fleifel . 15 min . Denmark, England, Lebanon . 2020

A sociological meditation on the different “exits” that young Palestinians choose, in order to cope with life in the refugee camps.

The Kites

DIR: Seyed Payam Hosseini . 14 min . Iran . 2020

In the story of The Kites short film it is stated that: Border boy silence falls in love with a girl who lives across the border. She tries to reach out to the girl through the missing girl's kite on the other side of the border.