National Competition 4

66 min . 12 anos

Mon, 23 nov 18h Festhome TV

Minha História é Outra

DIR: Mariana Campos . 22 min . RJ/Brazil . 2019

Is love between black women more than a love story? Niázia opens her home to share the most important layers in the search for this answer. Law student Leilane presents us with the challenges and possibilities of building a journey of affection with Camila.

O Babado da Toinha

DIR: Sergio Bloch . 13 min . RJ/Brazil . 2020

That Toinha is not just any Bahian is evident to those who see her, for the first time, behind her board. What many do not even suspect is that she is the one who makes the palm oil that she uses to prepare her delicacy. She climbs the coconut tree, drops the bunch, cooks the coconuts, macerates them in the pestle, and when everything turns into a paste, she separates the liquid from the bagasse in a long manual process. Then she boils the palm again and only then does the oil appear, like a blade, over the water. At night she will serve the dumplings generously stuffed and packed in a banana leaf, which Toinha herself takes off the tree, and prepared over the fire. The business takes a lot of work, but who cares? – “My acarajé has to be perfect. That's why I do the male and female frills” – she says proudly.

Ser Feliz No Vão

DIR: Lucas Rossi . 12 min . RJ/Brazil . 2020

A black rehearsal about trains, beaches and the occupation of space.


DIR: Jéssica Barreto . 19 min . SP/Brazil . 2019

Transvestite and marginalized, Sabrina Fernandes left her small town in the countryside to take a chance into the largest capital of Latin America, São Paulo. During long years as a homeless person, she suffered violence, abuse and prejudice. Even so, a job opportunity can brighten up her life as she has always dreamed of.