National Competition 5

67 min .

Tue, 24 nov 18h Festhome TV

Pausa Para o Café

DIR: Tamiris Tertuliano . 7 min . PR/Brazil . 2020

Two women, one problem and a coffee break.


DIR: Leon Barbero . 13 min . SP/Brazil . 2020

When an ordinary man realizes the falseness among the entanglement of broadcasts and screens, a mysterious digital voice emerges to show him the secrets hidden behind the false truths.


DIR: Marco Arruda . 16 min . RS/Brazil . 2020

MAGNÉTICA, an experimental animated short film, is a psychoactive allegory about the dazzle! Directed by Marco Arruda, starring Ricardo Assoni, Marisa Rotenberg, Gabriel Marinho, soundtrack by Fu_k The Zeitgeist and a production by Otto Desenhos Animados.

In a city of drawn characters, we witness the arrival of an entity composed of unknown materiality. With a mysterious presence and its exotic allegories, it starts to enchant people, awakening their most insane senses.

De Um Lado Do Atlântico

DIR: Milena Manfredini . 7 min . RJ/Brazil . 2020

"De um lado do Atlântico" is the first in a series of films that propose a dialogue between filmmaker Milena Manfredini and her artistic and affective references. The films are contacts in which the director casts letters with images into the sea, in an attempt to blur geographical boundaries and the limits of earthly finitude and temporality. This maritime casting is also intended for filmmaker Christopher Harris.

Medo da Chuva Em Noite de Frio

DIR: Victor Hugo Fiuza Barbosa . 24 min . RJ/Brazil . 2020

Since the 2018 presidential election, Soraia has not seen her father.  After taking part in a documentary about emotional ties, she decides to attend a family party.