76 min . 14 anos

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DIR: Beth Formaggini . 3 min . RJ . 2021

A COVID 19 vista de dentro.

Travelling Adiante

DIR: Lucio Branco . 11 min . RJ . 2019

Travelling Ahead is an attempt to take a brief, long-range look at the audiovisual and human trajectory of Sylvio Lanna, without losing focus on the coherence of the figure of the director of yesterday and today, as a creative exponent of the said “Invention Cinema”.

Atordoado Permaneço Atento

DIR: Enrique Amud, Lucas H. Rossi dos Santos . 15 min . RJ . 2020

O jornalista Dermi Azevedo nunca parou de lutar pelos direitos humanos e agora, três décadas após o fim da ditadura, assiste ao retorno das práticas daquela época.

Quem Matou Chiquito Chaves?

DIR: Giovanna Giovanini, Rodrigo Boecker . 15 min . RJ . 2019

Chiquito Chaves is a prestigious 71-years-old Brazilian visual poet and independent photographer. Through its lens, we travel through 40 years of Brazilian journalism history, a media threatened on all sides, especially by the digital revolution, the 'fake news' and the discredit attributed to it by world leaders who describe journalists as 'public enemies'.

Aqui é meu lugar

DIR: Breno Soares . 15 min . RJ . 2020

A documentary portrait about Paulo Dallier, expressionist painter, 85 years old and his struggle to keep painting while facing a process from his family to remove him from his atelier.

Ouro Para o Bem do Brasil

DIR: Gregory Baltz . 17 min . RJ . 2020

In 1964, some days after the military coup, the business man Assis Chateaubriand created the campaign Gold for Brazil’s sake, inviting the Brazilian people to donate belongings for helping the end of the country’s external debt. Observing the campaign and the former political moment, the movie analyses the History from the ancient and the current memory.