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DIR: Reed Purvis . 18 min . Argentina, USA . 2021

A teenage girl from a poor rural village in northern Argentina moves to Buenos Aires to pursue a life with more opportunities and the hopes of helping her family back home. Sharing a small room in a huge informal settlement with her older cousin's family, she must quickly adapt to this radically different urban environment.


DIR: Gustavo Gamero . 20 min . Mexico . 2021

Consuelo is mother of a missing young woman in Mexico. One day, she witnesses the clandestine burial of a child's body executed by members of the state police, so she decides to unearth the body to bury it worthily in the nearest graveyard to the town she lives in. With the help of Armando, her brother, Consuelo will drive the child's body down through the driveway despite the risks it might represent.


DIR: Juan Diego Aguirre Gómez . 6 min . Colombia . 2021

A poor child and his father live of the contraband of oil in the border of Colombia and Venezuela. While the father works, the boy do the homework. However, a misterious scene constantly repeats in front of their house getting tense the father and calling the attention of the child.


DIR: Edna Sierra Duque, Wilson Aranco . 18 min . Colombia . 2020

The documentary account of the breakup of Wilson Alejandro with his first love, frames the fictional story of Julián, a young man who dreams of having a family for his little girl, whom he does not see from the moment of her birth. One day Julián receives a visit from his daughter's mother, but his illusions end when he understands that Maryoli's desire is to leave the girl. Julián will have to assume only the future of his daughter.