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DIR: Tomás Fernandes Silva . 23 min . SP/Brazil . 2021

An accident causes the death of a porter in a middle-class residential building in São Paulo. Faced with the unforeseen, Marcelo, the head of the tenants' association, investigates the building looking for the culprit while dealing with its petty residents. With tensions increasing, the prejudices of an unequal country show its true face.


DIR: Lucílio Jota . 15 min . RJ/Brazil . 2021

Fabric, Secrecy is an experimental documentary short that investigates the way in which black bodies are perceived in spaces through their clothing. Discusses the body-packaging, packaging-space relationship. With the participation of black fashion professionals such as Lena Santana Glew and Angela Brito. And other figures whose work or personal experience is in contact with this dialogue, such as Lázaro Ramos and Hélio de la Peña.


DIR: Lucas de Jesus . 14 min . BA/Brazil . 2021

João only wanted to fight for a better and fairer world, but a sad reality comes to light.


DIR: Jonas Chadarevian . 13 min . SP/Brazil . 2021

A family gathers and wait for a priest for the celebration of an important event.


DIR: Antônio Silva Matos, Guimel Salgado . 15 min . SP/Brazil . 2021

São Paulo, the pandemic epicenter in Brazil, is in quarantine.The motorcycle couriers, formerly known as "mad dogs" and seen negatively in the society, begin to shift their role, acting at the frontlines in the fight against the virus and struggling for better conditions while risking to become infection vectors.Poorly supported by their employers, they work hungry transporting food on their back.