73 min .

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DIR: Bruno Cabral, Gabriela Dullius . 14 min . RS/Brazil . 2021

Laura lives and works with her father in a laundry on the verge of bankruptcy. The exchange of messages in notes left in the clothes with Camila, a frequent client, brings the possibility of escaping from the noisy world of washing machines operating 24 hours a day for a moment of peace and silence.


DIR: Roney Giah . 14 min . SP/Brazil . 2021

When an app driver decides to enter a church to confess, the sins from his past reveal a deadly secret.


DIR: Carlos Henrique de Oliveira, Luis Ansorena Hervés . 16 min . PR/Brazil, Spain . 2021

Adenilson and Zeca are gravediggers in the longest cemetery of Latin America, settled in Vila Formosa, São Paulo, Brazil.
After their boss was infected, they face the daunting task of digging endless graves while avoiding contagion in the city with most coronavirus victims in the country. They will entrust much more to God than on protective measures.


DIR: Ana Graziela Aguiar . 4 min . DF/Brazil . 2021

A young documentary filmmaker in training leaves Brazil on her way to Cuba in search of a dream: to study cinema at one of the largest film schools in the world. Founded by the utopia of the eye and ear of Fernando Birri, Gabriel García Márquez and Fidel Castro, EICTV transformed a town 30 kilometers from Havana. But with the new coronavirus pandemic, the projects of more than a hundred students were stopped. The short film My name is nostalgia invites us to live the director's days of isolation and anguish in this place that has been the stage for films and projects and that has gained an air of sadness and uncertainty. For fourteen days, the film leads us to a universe of farewells and concerns from the eyes of those who see the dream being replaced by nostalgia.


DIR: Guilerme Jardim, Vinícius Fockiss . 10 min . MG/Brazil . 2020

Bernardo and Luix look for an affective approach during the pandemic lockdown. Through the chaos they try to discover different ways to love.


DIR: Laércio Ribeiro, Ricardo Vieira . 15 min . RJ/Brazil . 2021

A young man invites some strangers to an orgy, but when he suspects he has been drugged, he calls his transgressive psychiatric for help. But the disconnected messages and interpretations lead both of them to an extreme situation in which daydreams and reality are confused.