Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival

November - 30th edition

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

Festival Curta Cinema - Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival is exclusively dedicated to the promotion and exhibition of short-length audiovisual works. The Festival screens works produced in digital format, with a maximum length of 30 minutes, and is both competitive and informative. The program of the 2020 edition of the Festival will be made up of: International Competition, National Competition, Latin-American Panorama, and Special Programs.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its huge impact on the Brazilian cultural sector and funding models, Festival Curta Cinema 2020 will take place exclusively at the Festhome TV digital streaming platform, which will be available in the Brazilian territory in November on dates to be defined. Festival Curta Cinema 2020 continues to be competitive and to qualify the winners of its Grand Prix to enter the competition for an Oscar, BAFTA and Goya nomination, according to the rules of each institution.

Entries may be sent to the following platforms:




The deadline for film submissions for Festival Curta Cinema 2020 is: August 7th.




The objective of the Festival is to promote and stimulate reflection on the short film format, seeking to enhance the exchange between Brazilian and international producers. The Brazilian film programs will show a selection of films made between 2019 and 2020 that have not participated in the selection process of earlier editions of this Festival. The international program will be made up of representative films from the same period.

The Festival is organized by FRANCO – Associação Franco Cultural, in partnership with Franco Produções.

3. Period
Festival Curta Cinema 2020 - Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival will take place in November and the dates will be defined in September.
Type of Festival
Competitive and Informative.
General submissions and selection rules
5.a. Entries for Festival Curta Cinema 2020 - Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival are open from July 6th to August 7th.

5.b. Films should be submitted for the evaluation of the selection committee only to the platforms www.shortfilmdepot.com or www.festhome.com. The choice of the most appropriate submission platform is at the discretion of those responsible for the film, with no need for registration on both platforms.

5.c. Every submission must conform to the procedures and guidelines of the chosen platform, and the fee for services provided by the platform must be paid.

5.d. Along with the fee charged by the chosen platform, international films pay a 4.00 euro fee for submission to the Festival Curta Cinema 2020 selection process. Brazilian films are exempt from paying the submission fee.

5.e. Films should be no longer than 30 minutes in length.

5.h. Up to 1,000 minutes of material will be selected for the National and International competitive showcases, with approximately 500 minutes for each category.

5.i. With the authorization of the filmmaker/producer, films that are not selected for the competitive showcases may be included in the Latin American Panorama or other thematic and special programs.

5.j. Films submitted to previous editions of the Festival will be rejected.

5.l. The official list of selected films will be publicly announced by October 01, 2020.

5.m. Films selected for the National Competition are recommended to have the screening copies subtitled in English to facilitate evaluation by foreign judges.  The Festival will not be responsible for the English subtitles of screening copies.

5.n. By October 15, 2020, the selected films must send a declaration, in a template that will be sent by the festival organisation, proving they have the copyright to the images and the soundtrack being screened during the Festival and non-profit public screenings.

The jury

The jury comprises cinema and culture professionals invited by the organization of the Festival and will decide on the prizes listed below. The decision of the jury is supreme and independent.


Grand Prix of the Festival Curta Cinema 2020 - Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival and qualification to compete for an Oscar nomination.

Special Jury Prize*

Best Director*

Audience Award 2020*

Latin American Panorama Public Award*

* Prizes awarded to Brazilian and international films.

Technical prizes for the national competition will be defined later, in case the festival organisation is able to name and assemble a special jury.

Other prizes may also be awarded by sponsors and/or partners who may wish to highlight and promote the work of new filmmakers. The producers of the selected films will be informed in advance and asked to participate in prize contests that may imply the assignment of exhibition or correlated rights.

The submission of a film to the Festival implies full acceptance of these regulations.

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Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival