Avenida França

DIR: Didier Blasco . 10 min . France . 2010

Kamal is peacefully walking in the street to send his baby to sleep. The police accuse him of having stolen his own child. An ordinary evening in France: suspicion and denial of justice, life under lock and key, behind the video surveillance camera.

With a View to the Sky

DIR: Allan Ribeiro . 10 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

A man and a woman try to get in touchin a big city of increasingly incommunicado that invades the urban spaces.

DIR: Gustavo Jahn, Melissa Dullius . 6 min . Germany, Brazil . 2006

Um filme que surge entre a terra e o mar, entre o vermelho e o azul, entre uma mulher e um homem.

Grazi in King Kong Land

DIR: Cyro Matoso . 9 min . PR/Brazil . 1979

Grazy na terra de King-Kong, uma animação realizada em stop motion, aborda de forma lúdica os monstros do imaginário infantil.

Jam Today

DIR: Simon Ellis . 14 min . England . 2011

Robert is stuck on a boating holiday with his parents in the English countryside. Impatient to grow and become a man, an unexpected sight cracks his world open.

DIR: Sandro Aguilar . 12 min . Portugal . 2002

Everything threatens to crack, however this devouring march happened long time ago. There are no groans left in the room next door. The wind ceased to whistle, the air particles hit one another but it´s just void against void.