Good Night

DIR: Ana Moura . 16 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

A kid and his odyssey before going to sleep.

DIR: Harry Fast, Jacob Frey . 3 min . Germany . 2010

A hamster is chasing his love all around the globe - will he get her finally?

Dodu - The Cardboard Boy

DIR: José Miguel Ribeiro . 5 min . Portugal . 2010

Dodu is a very sensitive boy. He lives on a hostile city for children and he is forced to spend many hours indoors. Therefore he makes believe inside an empty cardboard box. Each time Dodu scratches the cardboard’s surface, he creates extraordinary worlds inhabited by singular creatures that help him to cope with his emotions and to grow.

The Formation of Clouds

DIR: Marie-Hélène Turcotte . 10 min . Canada . 2010

The tender and sensitive experience of a young girl passing through the veil of innocence into the sensibilities of desire.

Monster Attack

DIR: Milja Viita . 2 min . Finland . 2010

Kenyan children are playing under the canopy of bamboos when, suddenly, the harmonious atmosphere gets broken.

Orange Ô Despair

DIR: John Banana . 3 min . France . 2011

What happens when a small sad orange decides to leave for the other side of the shop to meet a bunch of fun dancing pineapples ?

Paper Touch

DIR: Huiching Tseng, Yen-Chang Cheng . 4 min . Taiwan . 2011

Play with paper and explore the possibilities of creating visual illusions with stop-motion animation. The sequence is like a visual music - the colors and shapes are the instruments. The shape morphs from two-dimensional to three-dimensional. We wanted to play a visual game which was both serious and fun. Just like life, contradiction and harmony often coexist.


DIR: Erik Van Schaaik . 2 min . Netherlands . 2010

In a barren landscape a chick hatches from it’s egg. To keep off the torrid ground, it hops onto an ox, also newly born. Ox meets the burden that he will carry on his back for the rest of his life: Bird. A pecking nuisance, that will not be easy to get rid of. Bird is happy. He’s got Ox, his world, and everything is good. They belong together. One day the awkward duo is drinking from a puddle when suddenly the crocodile attacks and snaps Bird from Ox’s nose. Ox is stupified and distressed. However, it appeares that Bird is perfectly okay, pecking away on Ox’s head. Ox’s irritation is as never before. He has to contrive a cunning plan to get rid of the little troublemaker. Then Ox succeeds. And he enjoys tranquility, far, far away. The bandonned little bird is deeply offended. But then the itch starts and Ox’s life becomes unbearable. Itching and scratching, in a frenzy, Ox bumps into Bird by coincidence. Bird is very pleased with this reunion. PECK!

Rodas, tiras e pirulitos

DIR: María Medel . 8 min . Spain . 2010

Hugo is happy playing with his tricycle. Until he knows Carol. Since then, he will do anything to impress her.


DIR: Frits Standaert . 7 min . Belgium, France . 2011

In the calm of the jungle, an unusual noise scares the animals who panic one after the other; as the rumour spreads, their behaviour becomes increasingly irrational.


DIR: Vincent Gallagher . 2 min . Ireland . 2010

There is magic in what we see every day, sometimes you just have to look hard enough.

DIR: Alvaro Victorio, Beth Soares, Beto Paiva, Leandro Batista, Rafael Carvalho, Thiago De Magalhães Quadros, Vinícius Lewer . 5 min . RJ/Brazil . 2010

De debaixo da cama de um menino, surgem tentáculos que parecem querer pegar para si tudo o que encontram pelo quarto. Enfrentando o seu medo, Caio consegue desenvolver uma amizade improvável com o monstro.

The Great Journey

DIR: Caroline Fioratti . 15 min . SP/Brazil . 2011

Mário is losing his memory. He thinks he's still a travel guides's salesman. Now, an opportunity to see the world arises. His grandson, Felipe, will be his partner on this journey.

The Stubborn Mule and the Remote Control

DIR: Helio Villela . 15 min . SP/Brazil . 2010

The story of a friendship on a silent duel.

DIR: Daniel Acht . 6 min . Germany . 2010

Carlotta is given a magical toy which helps her to find new friends.

The Little Boy and the Beast

DIR: Johannes Weiland, Uwe Heidschötter . 7 min . Germany . 2009

Jessica and Junior in the World of Colors

DIR: Marcelo Branco . 3 min . MG/Brazil . 2010

Why is pink a girl and blue a boy color? Jessica and Junior don’t agree with these standards and look for a solution in the World of Colors. Produced by children of Campo Grande/MS (Brazil). Inspired by Tina Xavier’s book.

The Storyteller

DIR: Nandita Jain . 10 min . England . 2011

7 year old Nirmala attempts to grapple with the demons of her grandfather's dementia when he forgets the details of her.

DIR: Thais Fujinaga . 21 min . SP/Brazil . 2011

Teté hates her feet. When she meets Hector, a gracious boy of Chinese descent, she decides to change her looks.

Me The Terrible

DIR: Josephine Decker . 11 min . USA . 2011

She sails into the frame with verve! doom! determination! --and her teddy bear! Will the child pirate conquer New York? Or will New York conquer her?

49 Days

DIR: Tati Fujimori . 14 min . SP/Brazil . 2011

Shigueyoshi has just lost his only son in an accident. In his son's 49 days budist mass, he finds out that his son's girfriend is having a baby. It's a story about the transformation and the adaptation of the japanese tradition into a brazilian envirornment, told between tables and stories of different generations in a day that can mix happiness and sadness at the same time.

Ben Hora

DIR: Julie Rembauville, Nicolas Biancos . 4 min . France . 2010

Ben Hora is a videoclip of animation of Padbrapad Moujika. The film opens with the arrival by boat of migrants' family in the new fantasized world and stages its disappointment facing absurd laws of this society.


DIR: Martina Amati . 18 min . England . 2011

When a gymnast is selected for the National training camp she discovers something new about bodies, boys and friendship.

Julie, August, September

DIR: Jarleo Barbosa . 8 min . GO/Brazil . 2011

Julie is a swiss girl who just arrived in Goiânia, a city in the center of Brazil. Little by little, she tries to understand the city until finally becomes a part of it.

DIR: Thomas Cailley . 25 min . France . 2011

While starting a 20 000 km bike trip, Manu comes across Victor, a teenager at the wheel of a stolen car… Manu likes travelling, wide-open spaces and meeting people. Victor doesn’t.

Game of Glass

DIR: Sabrina Sarabi . 9 min . Germany . 2009

Maike is thirteen years old and she is in love - with Sven. Sven is also in love with her - she imagines. In reality, they barely know each other because Maike is sitting in a wheel chair. Caught at home all day she only dreams the dream of her first love. Until one day he stands in front of her and reality steps into her life.

The Palace

DIR: Ruud Satijn . 10 min . Azores . 2010

On her first ever night out 14-year-old Machteld discovers that the grownup world in disco The Palace is not as mysterious or romantic as she expected and realizes she’d rather stay a girl for a little longer.

Everyone says I love you

DIR: Cecile Ducrocq . 6 min . France . 2010

16 year old Marion's boyfriend has just declared his love for her. She asks Josephine, her best friend, what she makes of it. The two girls don't agree on how to interpret the words "I love you".

A Life

DIR: Emmanuel Bellegarde . 1 min . France . 2010

It’s the story of a man who lived on the other side of the line.