DIR: Adriano Cirulli . 3 min . England, Italy . 2011

An abstract study of human interaction, expressed entirely through movement and sound.

Writings Fly Away

DIR: Ryo Orikasa . 13 min . Japan . 2011

Standing between watching and reading through this film, which is a cinema using text or a text as a cinema. Dedicated to J.L.Borges.

DIR: Pouria Hosseinpour . 10 min . Azores, Afghanistan . 2010

Double self portrait composed in the sensual euphoria of Mingus free jazz

The Bridge

DIR: Philipp Wolter . 15 min . Germany, USA . 2010

As he crosses the bridge on his way home, June mysteriously 
arrives where he left off and finds himself stuck in an 
ever-repeating world. 

In his struggle to return home, The Bridge tells the story 
of a man’s inner journey to wake up and see 
the one thing he’s shut himself out of: Life.

A Place to Come

DIR: Flatform / . 7 min . Italy . 2011

A video about the mutual references between the plain description of a place and its concrete demonstration. The narrative structure of the work starts from the perceptive features that are developed by the presence of fog.

Year of the Ox - In a Yoke 1-2

DIR: Annette Arlander . 5 min . Finland . 2010

Wrapped in a rust-coloured scarf and with a piece of wood on my shoulders, I sit on rocks on the Eastern shore of Helsinki’s Harakka Island approximately once a week for a year from 25 January 2009 to 6 February 2010.

Two rooms and a kitchen

DIR: Elina Saloranta . 14 min . . 2010

The video work is about a living space made up of two rooms and a kitchen, and about a child exploring the space. The passage of time is seen through the growth of the child: at the start, he is a newborn baby and, in the end, almost three years old.

I Call myself sane

DIR: Niina Suominen . 4 min . Finland . 2010

The experimental work, which is created by manipulating film material, combines poetry, music and image.


DIR: Gustavo Faraco . 13 min . Australia . 2011

A moving series of real-life portraits, filmed on black and white film, and set to music. A portrait of Sydney in 2010 through its people.

To The Sea

DIR: Anna Blandford, Anna Valdez Hanks . 14 min . England . 2011

A man walking on the beach sees someone struggling in the water. Ignoring the cries for help, he does nothing as the person slowly drowns.


DIR: Tina Frank, Florian Hecker . 7 min . Austria . 2010

Vergence, a term from the field of optics, refers to the convergence or divergence of light rays. It also designates slow involuntary movements made by the eyes to center an image on the retina. Convergence and divergence determine the stability and definition with which an object is perceived. Such dictionary definitions provide the point of departure for the rhythmic optical game of deception that Tina Frank and Florian Hecker initiate in their collaborative work entitled Vergence. The ratio of audio and video components are neither convergent nor divergent; expressed simply they overlap, move apart, then back together, accelerate each other, and so on. This sort of interlocking of sound and image repeats within both components, and as a result they remain autonomous to a great extent.

Cigarette At Night

DIR: Duane Hopkins . 5 min . England . 2011

On his way home a boy rests to smoke his last cigarette. Perhaps reflecting on the night’s earlier activities, an atmosphere at once eerie and yet familiar takes hold. A place where serenity and anxiety seem equally present.


DIR: Filipa César, Marco Martins . 10 min . Portugal . 2010

The film INSERT was conceived has part of MEMOGRAMA by Filipa César, an installation that approaches the history of Castro Marim, a village in the southeast of Portugal, known for salt production and as a location for banishment and forced labour. The translation of sin into salt. The film INSERT creates staged images on the landscape of this place and offers a set for the announcement of a forbidden encounter.

Monster Attack

DIR: Milja Viita . 2 min . Finland . 2010

Kenyan children are playing under the canopy of bamboos when, suddenly, the harmonious atmosphere gets broken.


DIR: Dominique Müller . 3 min . Switzerland . 2011

How slow or quick is reality? What is the duration of waiting? What do measurement units really tell us about experienced time? We have conceptualised a very easy essay. Time unit: as slow as possible under time pressure…


DIR: Jani Ruscica . 8 min . Finland, England . 2010

The work deconstructs the idea of a travelogue as romanticised history, factual document and idealised experience.

DIR: Marcelo Colaiacovo . 3 min . SP/Brazil . 2010

Elegy of Luis Vaz de Camoes through forms and movements of the clouds. The classical elements (Earth, Water, Air and Fogo), the human-animal and the crucifixion of Christ.

Before bird, fish now

DIR: Ana Moravi, Dellani Lima . 8 min . MG/Brazil . 2011

I was immersed in me, I stayed immersed in me.

Wave break

DIR: Gabriel Sanna Castello Branco, Raquel Versieux . 9 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

Porto Real's Marine was built in the 90's but became a ruin before it was ready. The film is a poetic investigation about the erosive action of the wind and the sea over this huge abandoned structure alongside Brazil's oldest highway.


DIR: Daniel Lisboa . 15 min . BA/Brazil . 2011

Behind every number there are words.

And after the beginning

DIR: Cristiane Ventura . 7 min . MG/Brazil . 2011

Sunrise is just an act. Continue learning and to love is actually alive, open to the calm, the range of colors, shapes and impressions that we apprehend with our senses and cognitive abilities, the exercise of intelligence that if re-establish each experience, insight and interaction with the unknown But sometimes it plays the absurd.

Silence is disturbing

DIR: Felipe Pereira Barros . 5 min . BA/Brazil . 2011

Every silence bothers me because he always omits something.

Mi-temps 69

DIR: Guillaume Ballandras . 23 min . . 0

A match on Sunday in the rural north of Lyon, Saint-Romain de Popey gets Chessy les Mines. At halftime, the coach of Chessy les Mines explains what playing football means.


DIR: . 15 min . . 0

A remake of the football WorldCup match between France and Germany (Seville, Spain, 1982). Shot by Pied La Biche in Villeurbanne (France), every aspect of the fifteen last minutes of the match was carefully reconstructed: players, positions, gestures, intensity, drama etc. It consists in shifting the traditional game area into the urban environment. Each sequence takes place in one or several locations and then the city temporarily becomes the lab for unsual experiments. The soundtrack is made up of the original commentaries mixed with interviews of the audience recorded during the shooting. 

DIR: . 26 min . . 0

A video tutorial about the rules of football in three dimensions invented by Asger Jorn and presented in the book The Tricolectique Method and its Applications in General Situology, edited by Århus in 1964 by the Scandinavian Institute of Comparative Vandalism. In order to put into practice the method of the great Asger, Pied la Biche proposes a soccer tournament in three dimensions at the Biennale de Lyon.

DIR: Gustavo Jahn, Melissa Dullius . 40 min . Germany, Brazil, Russia . 2011

A woman goes through the strees of Moscow alone, in and out of the underground to get a meeting where a movie about cats about cats is being played. That's all. At least for those who think that the best in cinema is in the plot.

DIR: Gustavo Jahn, Melissa Dullius . 21 min . Brazil . 2006

Traveling by land and sea through space-time in search for riches and beauty, the extravagant Mercenarie Archeologists invaded the boundaries of the central garden causing the mismatch between heaven and earth.

DIR: Gustavo Jahn, Melissa Dullius . 22 min . Germany, Brazil, Egypt . 2008

A trio on the brink of the abyss finds its fate personified in a woman. They are taken to an Oriental metropolis where chance will lead each one into a personal journey. In perpetual and paranoid motion, they move in search for balance.

DIR: D-Fuse / M. Faulkner, A. Stockburger . 14 min . China, England . 2004

O título se refere a um local, composto por vinte e cinco arranha-céus, na parte nordeste de Shangai, China. A filmagem é totalmente feita a partir do trigésimo quarto andar, proporcionando uma vista paronâmica de cima, capturando a vida expressa em atividades como treinamento de soldados, tráfego, jardinagem. A câmera paira sobre a cidade e retrata a vida sempre em perpétua mudança na metrópole.

Thick Salt

DIR: André Amparo, Ana Cristina Murta . 6 min . MG/Brazil . 2006

Três pensadores se encontram em um churrasco na laje.


DIR: Carolina Durão . 17 min . RJ/Brazil . 2007

Sometimes everybody has the eyes on me.

Landscape Theory

DIR: Roberto Bellini . 4 min . Brazil, USA . 2005

A dialogue and a landscape. A brief discourse on the possibility of contemplation, the politics of gazing, and authority.

The Girl Chewing Gum

DIR: John Smith . 12 min . England . 1976

In The Girl Chewing Gum a commanding voice over appears to direct the action in a busy London street. As the instructions become more absurd and fantasised, we realise that the supposed director (not the shot) is fictional.