The House

DIR: David Buob . 6 min . Germany . 2011

The dream of the little girl is to care for her grandmother, but aunt and mother do not let her do so. There is just one way out.

How to raise the Moon

DIR: Anja Struck . 8 min . Germany, Denmark . 2011

In a place of condensed time, the stagnant things become alive and Sleep, the fox, and Death, the bunny, are fighting over a sleeping woman's life. An experimental animation shortfilm about stalemate and cessation, surreal cycles in a poetic world and the secret of how to raise the moon.

Where dogs die

DIR: Svetlana Filippova . 12 min . France . 2011

People say that dogs, when they feel they are dying, leave their owners, for them not to be sad. Where dogs die? History of life, love and death of one dog.

Planet Z

DIR: Momoko Seto . 9 min . France . 2011

Somewhere... the Planet Z. Plants rule on this planet, and all seems harmonious and delicate. But liquid and sticky mushrooms show up little by little, and destroy the idyllic life.

Out of Erasers

DIR: Erik Rosenlund . 14 min . Denmark, Sweden . 2011

As the world transforms, you're the last one to find out.

DIR: Sonja Rohleder . 2 min . Germany . 2010

Let's create something out of nowhere and see where it leads. Tanto tanto is a movie about the alchemy of paintings.

House Wanders, Bird Water Full

DIR: Veronika Samartseva . 9 min . Germany . 2011

On a plunge into the inner world and a peculiar guest.

Onde está você, meu amor?

DIR: Veljko Popovic . 10 min . Croatia . 2011

Is the comfort of routine and the happiness it provides enough to keep us its slaves forever?

The Gallery

DIR: Robert Proch . 4 min . Poland . 2010

Three different characters arrive at the strange world of retail park, and in doing so enter a twisted game where how they appear to one another defense how they act. Grotesque picture about how the day off can become working one.

Heavy Heads

DIR: Helena Frank . 7 min . Denmark . 2010

In a grey kitchen Monika lives a solitary life, to the sounds of a dripping water tap and a buzzing housefly. Monika is seducing the housefly, when a sad stranger suddenly surprises her by entering the wrong door. A minimalistic black comedy about loneliness and solitude.

In Other Words

DIR: Joost Bakker . 2 min . Netherlands . 2010

A message in a whiring newspaper seems to reunite a man and a woman

On the Water's Edge

DIR: Tommaso De Sanctis . 8 min . England . 2010

A voyeuristic window overlooking the experience of a kid dealing with his first sexual feelings.

The Ogre

DIR: Márcia Deretti, Márcio Júnior . 8 min . GO/Brazil . 2011

A dark forest, a castle in ruins, two medieval knights and a diabolical creature from times long forgotten… “O Ogro” Is based on Antônio Rodrigues and Júlio Shimamoto cartoons, which remain a legend among Brazilian comic books.


DIR: Frédérick Tremblay . 11 min . Canada . 2010

A man brings a secound woman in his home.

Written in Pencil

DIR: Yaron Bar . 8 min . Israel . 2010

An everyday train voyage slowly turns into a nightmare.


DIR: Maria Steinmetz . 8 min . Germany . 2011

A film version of the story by Selma Lagerloef about a married couple whose child was replaced with a troll child.

I Speak True Things

DIR: Marko Tadic . 5 min . . 2010

In 1450 a fully-laden ship left the port of Tsalal to sail west in search of the island, which was believed to be somewhere off the coast. It met with no success. Nor did the two ships which sailed the following year in search of the island fare any better. And the five ships captained by Bonadventure Pancroff which set sail in 1468 to search for the island came up equally empty-handed. Stories about the island had circulated around Europe for centuries, telling that it was the Promised Land of the Saints, an earthly paradise where fairies and magicians lived. But supposedly the island was surrounded by thick fog, hidden from the eyes of mortals. Here are the remnants of a life-long search for the island.

The Formation of Clouds

DIR: Marie-Hélène Turcotte . 10 min . Canada . 2010

The tender and sensitive experience of a young girl passing through the veil of innocence into the sensibilities of desire.


DIR: Brothers Quay . 24 min . Poland . 2010

The latest animated film of Quay brothers, directors and puppet animators, with the music composed by Krzysztof Penderecki. The screenplay is the adaptation of Stanisław Lem’s novel of the same title. The action is set in a technologically developed but, at the same time, feudal world. Beautiful Duenna was created in order to carry out certain mission. However, she will be forced to choose between accomplishing the task she was created for and love.

Paper Touch

DIR: Huiching Tseng, Yen-Chang Cheng . 4 min . Taiwan . 2011

Play with paper and explore the possibilities of creating visual illusions with stop-motion animation. The sequence is like a visual music - the colors and shapes are the instruments. The shape morphs from two-dimensional to three-dimensional. We wanted to play a visual game which was both serious and fun. Just like life, contradiction and harmony often coexist.


DIR: Florian Heinzen-Ziob . 23 min . Germany . 2011

In the garden of my grandparents was standing a cherrytree, which grew every year a little higher. I too was still growing at that time, so did the world population and the gross domestic product. I had the feeling I would keep growing forever. Not until inside my grandmother something began to grow as well, I started to have doubts. An autobiographical documentary about the utopia of unlimited growth.

All Consuming Love: Man In A Cat

DIR: Louis Hudson . 9 min . England . 2011

After falling in love with his new owner, a man who lives inside a cat decides to introduce himself. But are they alone in this twisted love triangle?

A Morning Stroll

DIR: Grant Orchard . 6 min . England . 2011

When a New Yorker walks past a chicken on his morning stroll, we’re left to wonder which one is the real city slicker.


DIR: Fabio Friedli . 6 min . Switzerland . 2011

Dozens of people climb an old truck for the wild journey trough the desert and the ocean. Not everybody achieves Europe, where an ambiguous end is waiting.

Hell, Heaven and Other Body Parts

DIR: Rodrigo John . 7 min . RS/Brazil . 2011

He is a dog. His ex, a bitch. His life, a hard bone.

Chasing Planes

DIR: Christie Widiarto . 8 min . Australia . 2010

My mother told me that when I was small, I ran away from home to chase planes. Although I can't remember this event, some memories never leave us.

The Man Who Still Believed In the Storck

DIR: Ralf Kukula . 8 min . Germany . 2011

Once upon a time there was a very endearing, very likeable man, who lived on his own. Because he liked children so very much, he wished he could have a child himself. He therefore tried to find out where the children came from. And in the process he discovered many things. Including astonishment.

Diga Para Minha Família que Eu Estou Preso e Vou Voltar em um Ano

DIR: Leonardo Remor . 2 min . RS/Brazil . 2010

A war memory documentary.


DIR: Leevi Lehtinen . 10 min . Netherlands . 2011

A visual poem about sins and subconscious mind. It tells a story of a man losing his soul, and of his attempts to get it back.

Dog Memory

DIR: João Morais Ribeiro . 15 min . Portugal . 2010

The story of an animal who was a human once, the homeless dog, or the Houndman. The past and the present switched. A black and white and in colour film, around that corner where we have to choose between the path of glory or the gutter. And is there a real difference?


DIR: Cristian Wiesenfeld . 2 min . Germany . 2011

Vanishing Cows and strange lights from the sky brake the silence of a tiny small village. A Sci Fi short film inspired by german miniature Trains; mixing techniques as Pixilation, CGI, Macro Video and a keyrings light.