The Inheritances

DIR: Giovani Barros . 18 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

The wounds of Peter are taking a long time to heal.


DIR: Magali Magistry . 11 min . RJ/Brazil, France . 2011

Rio de Janeiro. With a broken heart the waitress Luiza gets to know about her lover's wedding. When the party is in full swing she loses control. How far will Luiza go to spend one more night with the man she loves?


DIR: André Weller, David Pacheco, Eduardo Coimbra . 11 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

The work in space. The gesture of the muse.

My Birthday Party

DIR: Juliana Serfaty . 3 min . RJ/Brazil, USA . 2011

A birthday of a twenty-year-old girl.

The frogs

DIR: Clara Linhart . 16 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

A day and a night in a rustic cottage.


DIR: Andy Malafaya . 15 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

A man. Many paths. The world outside of the shaft. No solution.

Just Like Her

DIR: Flora Diegues . 16 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

America, a famous brazilian actress, transforms her existencial crisis into a show attended of close for her biggest fan.

Copyright Cops

DIR: Julio Secchin . 6 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

A teenager that makes illegal downloads fears that the Copyright Cops (equivalent to Bope in Brazil) might arrest him any time. Meanwhile he tries to get a girl he met online to go out with him.

DIR: Eduardo Morotó, Marcelo Martins Santiago, Renan Brandão . 15 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

An old photo of a dinner with his parents and siblings connected Dirceu with love and death.

DIR: Felipe Sholl . 15 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

Gisela lives with her husband, Roberto, and her maid, Luiza. Roberto is always away and Gisela spends most of her time alone with Luiza. Soon strange things start to happen in the apartament. Who is supposed to be causing them?

In Transit

DIR: Bruno Mello . 13 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

Abel works at the Jockey Club and suffers from narcolepsy (the sleep disorder). One day in the subway he runs into the woman of his dreams. Now it's up to him to find out whether she's real or not.

Angeli Night and Day

DIR: Elizabeth Formaggini . 25 min . RJ/Brazil . 2010

A documentary film about cartoonist Angeli, and the transformations his work goes through. The film centers on his obsession over his work, and the crisis he faces over being a pop artist, who must produce new political cartoons and comic strips for several medias every day, and at the same time having the need to be radical and able to renew himself, and to hit where it hurts.

Pleasure Chain

DIR: Alice Spitz . 6 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

Having some drinks, intimate friends talk about important issues (maybe very important ones).

Half an Hour with Darcy

DIR: Roberto Berliner . 30 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

In December 1996, the prominent anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro agreed on having Roberto Berliner over for a half hour conversation at his apartment in Brasília. Expressing himself with vehemence and passion, he has covered a wide range of issues.

DIR: Dellani Lima, Marcelo Gil Ikeda . 15 min . CE/Brazil . 2011

Sabiaguaba is the place where young filmmakers from Fortaleza chose as a shelter from the aggressive urbanization of the city. Friendships, projects, loves, children were born and flourished in "Sabi". These artists have developed an intimate relationship between a way of living and making art.

Hofmann's Box

DIR: Fabrício Miguel Abramov . 3 min . RJ/Brazil . 2010

Young opens a mysterious box and immerse yourself in most the incredible dream of his life. Things spiral out of control and lead to the question: is it all just a dream?

The Lady of Peixoto

DIR: Allan Ribeiro, Douglas Soares . 11 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

"She's here, she is there, and the others are invisible"

Base for Weak Nails

DIR: Alexandre Vogler de Moraes . 11 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

During early morning, a naked woman walks the streets of downtown Rio de Janeiro spreading auto-biographical posters along the walls.

My grandfather, the bassoon

DIR: Tatiana Devos Gentile . 25 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

Since I was little the image of my grandfather is connected to the bassoon, as a child I watched Peter and the Wolf all the time. The grandfather was the bassoon, mine was too. They say that when a couple is together for a long time they start to look alike. Perhaps this is the case with my grandfather and the bassoon. A study-room, the musical notation, letters, reeds, drawings, music. A bassoonist, a bassoon, and his granddaughter. My Grandfather, the Bassoon is an affectioned portrait of Noël Devos, an important french bassoonist, established in Brazil since 1952, made by his granddaughter, a documentary filmmaker.


DIR: Diego Zimermann, Victoria Visco . 14 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

Lost among thoughts about the end of life and fragments of memory, the film constructs, from interviews with six young adults with varied life experiences, a reflection on how to deal with aging and death.