DIR: Paulo Pécora . 15 min . Argentina . 2006

Visions and nightmares of a woman escaping of her own shadow.

DIR: Paulo Pécora . 7 min . Argentina . 1999

Terrible things that can happen to a woman while she bathes.

DIR: Paulo Pécora . 10 min . Argentina . 2011

A woman, a mountain, a nightmare.

A galinha degolada

DIR: Paulo Pécora . 20 min . Argentina . 2011

All day sitting in a bank on the patio are the four idiot children from the Mazzini-Ferraz marriage. They had the tongue between the lips, stupid eyes and turned their heads with their mouths open.

Os óculos

DIR: Paulo Pécora . 6 min . France . 2003

Roundtrip of a woman from an uncertain future.


DIR: Paulo Pécora . 12 min . Argentina . 2004

A journey through the mind of a man sentenced to go through the same nightmare one more time. Freely inspired in the images and atmospheres created by the designer Alberto Breccia.


DIR: Paulo Pécora . 1 min . Argentina . 2009

A kiss that lasts for an instant, an instant the lasts for a day.


DIR: Paulo Pécora . 4 min . Argentina . 2010

A young woman walks on a desert beach. She´s not really herself although she has been sometime. Memories, desires and waking memories shape that suffering woman, the one who isn´t really herself.


DIR: Paulo Pécora . 12 min . Argentina . 2006

The love misadventures of a confused youngster regarding a love which never existed.


DIR: Paulo Pécora . 6 min . Argentina . 2004

A man rakes over the ashes intosp the spiral of his memories and bumps into the remains of a old relationship. Would that be a wistful backward or a starting point for a new sentimental perception?


DIR: Ignacio Chaneton . 15 min . Argentina . 2011

Something is brewing inside Adelina, something that deeply binds her to the jungle around her. That thing Adelina is waiting for is closer and closer: the answer, the instrument, that could help her to make a change or, at least, to bring things back to their previous state.

The Hebrew and the Pharaoh

DIR: Guillermo Madeiro, Ismael Varela, Lucía Aljas, Matías Singer . 25 min . Azores . 2010

Two lonesome pilligrims experience the fantastic side of nature. There is another place beyond the desert and the meadow.

História do mal

DIR: Naishtat Benjamin . 17 min . Argentina, France . 2011

1879. 1,500 men walk south into the Patagonian desert under the orders of General Roca. They are trying to create the Argentine Nation, it's space and forging identity. They go deep towards the southern nothingness, bringing allong civilization. A hundred years later, in 1980, in the city now called General Roca, the military board in power organizes a National History Congress in order to celebrate the centennial since this “Conquest of the Desert”.


DIR: Ezequiel Rormoser, Marcos Torres . 11 min . Argentina . 2010

Going through the woods, the woodcutter fights against the totemic, psychological magic of the local tribes. These tribes participate in ceremonies that play with the representation of the father ogre and the feeding mother

Risos inocentes

DIR: Juan Jose Cardona . 6 min . Colombia . 2011

A blond little boy plays in the beach with some local fishing-town children. The atmosphere is peaceful, happy and everybody seems to be enjoying their time at the beach; men are fishing, women frying the fish and the kids laughing away. Suddenly the army attacks the village, the kids scream, there is panic and the twist is revealed as the army rescues the blond child that had been previously kidnapped.


DIR: Nicholas Greene . 19 min . Bolivia . 2011

Two lives cross in an isolated Bolivian village: a disgruntled American doctor looking to leave, and a Bolivian salt miner who's just been stabbed in the hand.

DIR: Celina Wolffelt . 13 min . Argentina . 2011

A car accident can define the story of a lifetime. A journey can determine a couple's situation. He invites her for the weekend, she doesn't know what to do. Barbara Doreen: the portrait of a woman who´s story is rewriten, invented.

Seashells and rattles

DIR: Gustavo Rondon Cordova . 14 min . Czech Republic, Venezuela . 2010

Ramiro is a strong fisherman who wants to teach his daily work to his eight years old son, Jonah. But Jonah is behaving in an odd way and rather than help, is more quiet, less interested and in a mysterious move on the pier and the beach. Ramiro discovers the reason for this behavior: Jonah is afraid of something hidden in the bush in the back of their home. Ramiro decides to make Jonah to confront his own fears.


DIR: Juan Manuel Mendez . 12 min . Guatemala . 2010

After the death of Silvia, Mother calls Emma by the name of her deceased daughter. Emma has become Silvia. All the rituals of beauty in order to be the perfect Silvia become harder and harder as time goes by, but Emma will keep trying to become what Mother expects.

My Days with Matilde

DIR: Teresa Arredondo . 29 min . Chile, Spain . 2011

Before dying, writer Matilde Ladrón de Guevara receives a visit from her granddaughter after being apart for several years. The film narrates the days of this reunion, in which there is no place for anything but the present.

The roads ahead

DIR: Adrián Suárez . 22 min . Argentina . 2010

Lucio is 10 years-old and lives in the country with his parents. One day, two city characters come into his house by accident. This will be a very important day in Lucio's life.

Our Hospitality

DIR: Joaquín Peñagaricano, Pablo Abdala . 12 min . Uruguay . 2010

A little town. A foreigner. Some things that are not what they used to be...