49 Days

DIR: Tati Fujimori . 14 min . SP/Brazil . 2011

Shigueyoshi has just lost his only son in an accident. In his son's 49 days budist mass, he finds out that his son's girfriend is having a baby. It's a story about the transformation and the adaptation of the japanese tradition into a brazilian envirornment, told between tables and stories of different generations in a day that can mix happiness and sadness at the same time.

Acercadacana: The Sugar Cane Hedge

DIR: Felipe Peres Calheiros . 19 min . PE/Brazil . 2010

In 90´s decade, with the enhancement of ethanol and expansion of sugar cane plantation, fifteen thousand families were forced to leave their farms in the countryside of Pernambuco. Maria Francisca, however, decided to resist.

The joy of the fish

DIR: Arthur Lins . 24 min . PB/Brazil . 2011

The sea would be immense for us, but you don’t fit in this fishbowl, my dear.


DIR: Guilherme Marinho, João Castelo Branco, Rafael Urban . 8 min . PR/Brazil . 2011

Bolpebra, on the border of Bolivia, Peru, and Brazil, has 40 inhabitants and has just installed its central square.

With a View to the Sky

DIR: Allan Ribeiro . 10 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

A man and a woman try to get in touchin a big city of increasingly incommunicado that invades the urban spaces.

Study for the wind

DIR: Aline Portugal, Julia De Simone . 9 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

“It’s dusk when the wind blows.”


DIR: André Novais . 11 min . MG/Brazil . 2011

Memoirs of a Sunday.

A Gift To Iemanjá

DIR: Ana Bárbara Ramos . 17 min . PB/Brazil . 2011

Ethnographic film essay on the act of delivering gifts to Yemanja, mythical deity of African origin. Worshipped in Brazil since the arrival of slaves, Iemanjá today attracts thousands of devotees to celebrated on the beach its annual holiday , on December 8th.

Small Fish

DIR: Altair Paixão, Vincent Carelli . 3 min . PE/Brazil . 2010

While everyone was busy with the villagers fishing, some kids find a bottle.

DIR: Victor Furtado . 16 min . CE/Brazil . 2011

"An oasis of people reveals another side of city life."


DIR: Salomão Santana . 13 min . CE/Brazil . 2011

My Uncle Roberto had a huge head.

DIR: Cláudio Marques, Marília Hughes . 13 min . BA/Brazil . 2011

A day and a night in the pilgrimage of Bom Jesus da Lapa.

The Factory

DIR: Alysson Muritiba . 15 min . PR/Brazil . 2011

A convict convinces his mother to risk her own safety to bring him a cell phone within the prison.

The Inside

DIR: Gabriel Martins, Maurilio Martins . 18 min . MG/Brazil . 2010

The tale of two bullets

Coming and Going

DIR: Frederico Pinto . 14 min . RS/Brazil . 2011

Ciro is a security guard and works at night. Clarisse is a maid and works during the day. They live in the metropolitan area and work in Porto Alegre. They are always going back and forth therefore they can only see each other at the Trensurb Station. They have a weak link that still binds them.

How long does it take for a heart to unfreeze?

DIR: Mariana Vaz de Camargo . 16 min . SP/Brazil . 2011

SHE had woken up uneasy. We follow her journey in search of the viscera. She goes shopping: even organs may be bought in the supermarket. From the freezer to the market to the domestic: a heart decomposes in the refrigerator. A ritual of unfreezing in the form of fiction.


DIR: Carlos Nader . 15 min . SP/Brazil . 2011

In a movie theater, a man wakes up and looks at the screen. "What's that?", he asks his girlfriend. "A movie", she replies. Is it?

DIR: Leo Pyrata . 6 min . MG/Brazil . 2011

It’s found we see. What? – Eternity. It’s the sun, free To flow with the sea.

Monique in the Sun

DIR: Wellington Sari . 14 min . PR/Brazil . 2011

Winter holidays. Monique goes to the beach with the family. With no friends around, she tries to spend time alone. Then he meets a young man on the volleyball court.


DIR: Michael Wahrmann . 22 min . SP/Brazil, Uruguay . 2011

She speaks German. I speak Spanish. She doesn't hear me. I don't understand.

Suzana's portrait

DIR: Leonardo Amaral, Lygia Santos Assunção . 14 min . MG/Brazil . 2010

Amidst the chaos of urban construction works, a little beauty salon becomes a painting studio.

Star Power Ready

DIR: Bernardo Barcellos, Leonardo Levis, Luisa Marques, Isabela Mota . 17 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

And he came, once more.