I Am Here

DIR: Mario Piredda . 20 min . Italy . 2010

Giovanni Asara resolves to leave Sardinia and his best friends to enroll in the Army and go to Kosovo, where he will be beaten by a tough disease.

DIR: Anton Källrot . 36 min . Sweden . 2011

Three men are at war. Their outpost is in a bunker on the coast of nowhere and there is no contact with the enemy. Frustrated by lack of combat, they nag at each other. Small annoyances become tangible fractions. But there is also room for small talk about life, war, everything.

DIR: Simon Roche . 13 min . France . 2010

Sarah wanders through the streets of Calcutta, looking for her brother who has vanished. A few pictures taken at a party and a camera are the only things he left behind.

Jet Lag

DIR: Gustavo Vasco . 30 min . France . 2010

Jet Lag, medically referred to as "desynchronosis," is a physiological condition which is a consequence of alterations to circadian rhythms; it is classified as one of the circadian rhythm sleep disorders. Jet lag results from rapid long-distance transmeridian (east-west or west-east) travel, as on a jet plane. I suffer from Jet Lag…

Like Love

DIR: Sarah Cunningham . 30 min . France . 2010

In Brighton, the seaside heart of alternative England, Jacob and Ramona share a colourful life together filled with of art, metaphysics and the occasional drag queen. Returning to his family home for Passover, Jacob revisits the fateful day that changed everything, when he dived into shallow water, breaking his neck. Like Love is a portrait of life’s absurdity, of acceptance and of beauty in unexpected places.

Man Loves Dog

DIR: Nikias Chryssos . 30 min . Germany . 2010

MKI and Bela live alone with their dogs. The relationship to their animals is not only emotional, it also includes sexuality as an integral part of living together. Man Loves Dog presents an intimate insight into the microcosm of two German zoophiles, their understanding of themselves and their idea of love.

Shape of the Shapeless

DIR: Jayan Cherian . 30 min . USA, India . 2010

The story of the spiritual quest of a burlesque performer, a yogi and an artisan who transgresses the boundaries of traditional notions of body, gender and sexuality.

TSE (out)

DIR: Roee Rosen . 34 min . Israel . 2010

A BDSM session turns into a political exorcism, when the submissive responds to the blows she receives by spewing out sentences, all of which are quotes Israel's minister of foreign affairs.

Uma imagem persistente

DIR: Lewis Metcalfe . 11 min . England . 2011

A challenging exploration of one man's battle with his immoral desires. The audience are faced with a character whose momentary awareness of social and personal acceptance collide, leaving both the character and viewers with an uncomfortable emotional dilemma.

Jam Today

DIR: Simon Ellis . 14 min . England . 2011

Robert is stuck on a boating holiday with his parents in the English countryside. Impatient to grow and become a man, an unexpected sight cracks his world open.

Os sinos da violência

DIR: Yannick Bandali-Renard . 13 min . Belgium . 2011

In a day of frustration, violence and responsibility, Alexis lets himself live.

Queime meu corpo

DIR: Fyzal Boulifa . 15 min . England . 2010

Hana doesn’t want to wear her headscarf to the mall. The rest of the family makes her. When her father’s watchful gaze is momentarily broken, she removes it. She has an adventure. But sooner or later, she will have to return home to face the consequences.


DIR: Benoit Martin . 11 min . France . 2011

Leila is Moroccan, Mathieu is French. They live together for two years. Because Leila has lost her right to stay in France, they decide to marry. The wedding is coming and they just need one last document: Leila's certificate of celibacy which will just be delivered if the young woman marries a muslim. No other choice, Mathieu has to convert to Islam.

the girl across the way

DIR: Renaud Callebaut . 8 min . Belgium . 2010

A public space under surveillance. Two young women are sitting facing each other. Just a few moments before, one of them was preparing herself in private...

DIR: Elite Zexer . 11 min . Israel . 2010

Tasnim, a strong and opinionated 10-year-old, lives with her mother and siblings in a neglected Bedouin village in Negev. A surprise visit from her father in the village forces her, for the first time in her life, to confront the conservative norms of the family tribe and the fact that she is no longer daddy's-little-girl.

O que levar para a América

DIR: Christophe Nassif . 14 min . USA . 2010

Helen, an Ethiopian immigrant living in Los Angeles, is pressed by her family and tradition to take a decision as the moment approaches for her daughter's genital cutting.

Two Men and a Table

DIR: Ester Amrami . 7 min . Germany . 2011

During a furniture delivery Rouven and Yusuf get to know each other. Yusuf has a score to settle with Israel. Therefore Rouven tries to hide his Israeli origins. A strange encounter in Berlin.

Silent River

DIR: Anca M. Lazarescu . 28 min . Germany, Romania . 2011

1985. Along the Iron Curtain, crossing the Danube River between Ceausescu's Romania and Yugoslavia was the most promising way to escape to the West. This is one of the stories that happened there everyday.

In a foreign land

DIR: Suzanna Pedro . 34 min . France . 2010

Where are you from? Where does your name come from? These questions are in the bait of this movie, a return towards a history which was not told to me. That of my grandparents and parents who left, in the 1960s, their native country, Portugal.


DIR: M Jéro Yun Zorba Production . 13 min . France . 2010

New Year 2010. It's been 9 years she has not seen his son. "My son will come to the promised land. Yes... My son will come to this promised land..." She does not lose hope.

Vakha and Magomed

DIR: Marta Prus . 12 min . Poland . 2010

A documentary which portrays an everyday struggle of the two immigrants from Chechenya, Vakha and his son Magomed. The audience is given an opportunity to observe an everyday routine of them where, between the mundane chores, proofs of the true affection and care are exposed. Apart from depicting the harsh reality of the newly arrived immigrants and their life in Warsaw (Poland), what is the most important one can see how the bond between the father and the son deepens and how, despite of the circumstances, they attempt to retain their identity. The life story of Vakha and Magomed is never fully told, it simply runs in the background and that's what helps to place some universal values up front.

The Blood Fighters

DIR: Joan Gomez . 15 min . Colombia . 2010

Vicente and Ricardo are cockfighters. Father and son who come face to face in the ring. The son has everything set up, so he can win, but Vicente's life is in danger.

Minha educação

DIR: Iris Helfer . 11 min . USA, Israel . 2010

A single mother is caught between her violent son and her own controlling mother. In a desperate attempt to take charge of her life, she resorts to physically disciplining the boy.

Desvio de rota

DIR: Jonathan Hazan . 19 min . France . 2010

28 year old Saïd is reunited with his father, Kaddour, who has recently completed a ten-year prison sentence for the murder of his wife. They embark together on the motorway. The reunion between father and son is arduous. Kaddour sees the journey as an opportunity to renew ties with his son. Saïd, however, seems to have a different plan.


DIR: Pawel Maslona . 26 min . Poland . 2010

After his mother’s death, Adam has to take care of his old and sick father. Expecting to become a father himself, Adam doesn't want to take responsibility for anyone else. Finally, he makes a decision, which is going to cost him a lot.


DIR: Giovani Barros . 18 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

The wounds of Peter.

The Door

DIR: Cristina Nigro . 20 min . Argentina . 2011

Aida and Clear live together, alone in a house. The absence of their parents makes Aida feels responsible for everything. The house and her sister are a family stigma that suffocate her. But she decides to cross this threshold.

The Red Curtains

DIR: Alain Deymier . 34 min . Argentina, Spain, France . 2011

An Oedipus without a complex: Jose, a young man and an orphan, and Pablo, a boy of 13, flee the city, under threat and condemned to drift. Jose, who has to solve the mystery of his identity - Who am I? Who is my mother? - is going to have to enter the adult world and set off to find his destiny through a long, solitary dialogue with nature and the rhythms of the world. A film that provides a contemporary vision of an ancestral myth.

Tempo de Criança

DIR: Wagner Novais . 12 min . RJ/Brazil . 2010

A dramatic and poetic construction about a girl's life who has to be grown up when the mother is not home.

Open Doors

DIR: Ashish Pandey . 15 min . India . 2010

Images from the past help Tara cope with her present, which is devoid of any contact with the outer world. But for how long can this self-deception keep the body and soul together?

DIR: Cíntia Domit Bittar . 11 min . SC/Brazil . 2011

Margarete is an old lady that gets mad when her husband, Afonso, asks her if she can bring him a cheese from the market. That ignites a spark for a relationship discussion.


DIR: Zevik Zelikovitch . 20 min . Israel . 2010

The film accompanies the daily routine of octogenarians Esau and Rachel during the last phase of their life, until that one small moment in time where reality changes and a love story is unveiled through Esau and Rachel’s new world, their fears, desires and actions.


DIR: Nicolas Lasnibat . 23 min . Chile, France . 2010

Armando is a tango singer physically handicapped. He never had an easy life. Today, his destiny will change. This is a tale of reconstruction and hope in a country which still tries to overcome the vivid ghost of a dictatorship.


DIR: Rudi Rosenberg . 20 min . France . 2010

In the school yard, Benoit loses a bet against his friends. His dare: to ask Aglaée, a disabled student, to go out whit him.

I Am A Girl!

DIR: Susan Koenen . 15 min . Netherlands . 2010

Every 13-year-old girl dreams of that nice, but hard-to-get, boy. And Joppe is no different, consulting her friend on how to ask Brian out. But just how should she tell Brian that she was born a boy?

DIR: Magnus Von Horn . 35 min . Poland . 2011

"It's not my fault, it's not your fault, it's the landscapes fault". Linus is 16 years old and has just fallen in love with his best friend's girlfriend. Never could he imagine that it would bring such aching consequences.