Killing the chiken to scare the monkeys

DIR: Jens Assur . 25 min . Sweden . 2011

Great International Prize Curta Cinema 2012

The film consists of nine scenes that unfold in the grey area between black and white, where national politics and strategy have unforeseen consequences on a young teacher’s life. The precisely thought-out aesthetics and the provocative narrative technique of the film are intended to open up the viewer’s eyes for reflection and contemplation. The first scene is a 15-minute single take, without cuts. We experience the world as in a photographic still life played out in mise en scene. We are not exposed to the whole course of events in the woman’s life, rather only fragments, where the viewer is compelled to fill in the blanks in the narrative.


DIR: Arnaud Dufeys . 18 min . Belgium . 2012

Best International Director Prize

Hugo, 34, educator at the boarding school, finds his daily life disrupted by Jules, a provocative teenager…

Lucky Seven

DIR: Claudia Heindel . 25 min . Germany . 2011

Best International Director Prize

Northern Ireland. The troubles are over but have left their marks. Three boys on their way to adulthood. One of them overdoes the attempt to experience life while the other one starts to question his life and the third one has yet to figure out his direction. They have no goals except for killing time somehow and testing their juvenile strength on animals, things and humans. Every day is different and yet, every day feels the same.

We Die

DIR: Josephine Links . 14 min . Germany . 2011

International Jury Special Prize

My grandmother has almost reached the end of her life; her skin became thin as tissue paper. Now it is grandma preparing her good-bye while I realize that her life and death are inseparable from mine. We die is an aesthetic approach to the unknown, the traces of time and our upcoming good-bye – somewhere between here and another world.

It's such a beautiful day

DIR: Don Hertzfeldt . 23 min . USA . 2011

International Honorable Mention - Official Jury

Don Hertzfeldt closes his trilogy as Bill struggles to piece together his shattering psyche.

It's such a beautiful day

DIR: Don Hertzfeldt . 23 min . USA . 2011

International Best Film - Youth Jury

Don Hertzfeldt closes his trilogy as Bill struggles to piece together his shattering psyche.

The Song of The Mechanical Fish

DIR: Philipp Yuryev . 19 min . Russia . 2011

International Honorable Mention - Youth Jury

A fisherman who lives in a deserted village in the far north receives an invitation to the wedding of a son he has never seen. The fisherman decides to make a redemptive journey.


DIR: Arzana Kraja . 20 min . Kosovo . 2012

International Honorable Mention - Youth Jury

Shkurta is a name given to girls by traditional families to cut short the line of daughters. Superstitiously they believe that a boy will be born afterwards... A short and silent story about Shkurta, the youngest daughter of the family. Shkurta and her father are the only ones to survive the war. Now they struggle to survive the new reality, Shkurta trying to hold on to what's left and her father a life without a son.

41 Days

DIR: Ahmed Abdelaziz . 21 min . Egypt . 2012

Great International Public Award

In 1994, Roberto Baggio packs heading to the United States to participate in the World Cup, he leads his national team to the final match, a penalty stands in his way to making history. But he has no idea that Youssef has to wait for 40 days to open his TV and watch the match.


Obscure Camera

DIR: Marcelo Pedroso . 23 min . PE/Brazil . 2012

Great National Prize Curta Cinema 2011

When the images of illuminated objects penetrate into the dark compartment through a small pinhole and are projected onto a white paper located some distance from the pinhole, we see the objects as inverted, with their form and colors.

By your side

DIR: Marcelo Caetano . 21 min . SP/Brazil . 2011

Best National Director

Night and solitude are full of the devil. Then along you come and life is bittersweet.

Ebb & Flow

DIR: Gabriel Mascaro . 25 min . PE/Brazil . 2012

National Jury Special Prize

Rodrigo is deaf and Works in a shop that installs car stereos. The film is a sensorial journey into a routine filled with noises, vibrations, incommunicability, ambiguity and doubts.

The Living Dead

DIR: Anita Rocha da Silveira . 20 min . RJ/Brazil . 2012

National Honorable Mention - Official Jury

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The Comforting hand

DIR: Gabriela Amaral Almeida . 19 min . SP/Brazil . 2011

National Best Film - Youth Jury

On the 9th birthday of her only son Lucas, telemarketing operator Estela plans a party that has little chance of working out.


DIR: Juliana Rojas . 25 min . SP/Brazil . 2012

National Honorable Mention - Youth Jury

Silvia is a young teacher. One day, her class is interrupted when the students notice her double walking on the street. Silvia tries to ignore, but this strange event begins to permeate her daily life and transform her personality.

Who's afraid of Cris Negão?

DIR: René Guerra . 25 min . SP/Brazil . 2012

Great National Public Award

Christiane Jordan, or Big Black Cris as she was called, was a transvestite madam in the center of São Paulo known for her violent methods of controlling other transvestites. Hated and feared by a legion, she also had her fans, until she was tragically killed with two bullets to the head. The film is a look into the world of transvestites using this legendary figure of the underworld of São Paulo as a starting point.



DIR: Vitor Isidoro Levy . 15 min . RJ/Brazil . 2011

Prize Rio Panorama – Audience Award

In an amusement park, a sensitive Julio and a determined Giovana talk about love.  And this dialog about different perspectives about a relationship will take their lives into a new and unexpected diection.


DIR: Lucas Bonolo . 29 min . Cuba . 2012

Prize Latin American Panorama -Audience Award

Bonifacio has worked for the Cuban State as a piano tuner for 42 years. Every week he visits a conservatory in downtown Havana, where he tunes an old grand piano. Protected from the urban chaos, he finds spiritual harmony in his world of sound and music. But Bonifacio is a marginal man: he lives daily in anonymity, with no possible picture of the future. Alongside to a life without resources, old age appears now as a fact, as well as the sudden proximity of a permanent separation.


Fish Boy

DIR: Eva Randolph . 17 min . RJ/Brazil . 2012

Porta Curtas Prize

When his little brother arrives, Paula, 8 years old, begins to have nightmares about Fish Boy who would drag his mother to the bottom of the sea.

The Tuner

DIR: Fernando Camargo, Matheus Parizi Carvalho . 15 min . SP/Brazil . 2012


Paulo is a young piano tuner who works in the repair shop of his domineering father. Throughout a work day, he tries to find out where a letter he has been anxiously waiting for has ended up.

The Last Frontier

DIR: Diogo Faggiano . 14 min . SP/Brazil . 2012


On the occasion of the disappearance of a promising young anthropologist in the region of West Sumatra, we hear the testimony of those who knew him.