DIR: Paulo Silver . 13 min . AL/Brazil . 2015

My parents and my first teacher know more about this film than me.

Don´t promise me anything

DIR: Eva Randolph . 21 min . RJ/Brazil . 2016

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Hua and Ayon, twochinese cousins, are secretly in love. Everything goes well, until theday Ayon, who doesn't speak a word inportuguese, gets a ticket to China to workin a family business.

Regarding Claudio Willer

DIR: Priscyla Bettim, Renato Coelho . 18 min . SP/Brazil . 2016

An ode to the poetical universe of Claudio Willer.

The Last Day Before Zanzibar

DIR: Filipe Matzembacher, Marcio Reolon . 21 min . RS/Brazil . 2016

From the jungle the drums were heard. And Arthur knew it was time to depart.


DIR: Patricia Black . 14 min . Germany, Brazil . 2016

Enjambre: a body of honeybees that leaves from a hive and fly off to another.

The Girl who danced with the Devil

DIR: João Paulo Miranda Maria . 14 min . AL/Brazil . 2016

In a conservative and religious society, a girl lives her routine trying to find her paradise on earth.

She, Gis

DIR: Thiago Carvalhaes . 19 min . SP/Brazil . 2016

Gisberta was a Brazilian trans woman living in Portugal. She was brutally murdered by 14 teenagers ten years ago and since then became an icon for the transexual rights cause. This investigative documentary looks for Gisberta among facts and memories.

A Time to Kill, a Time do Die

DIR: Giovani Barros . 25 min . MS/Brazil . 2016

Cousin Robson wants revenge. A gay brazilian western in the middle of the country.


DIR: Paulo Roberto . 19 min . PB/Brazil . 2016

When I was seven, eight years I saw my father talking to a friend. I did not quite understand what they were talking about.  What I remember most was the moving lips. I was willing to kiss my father's friend 's mouth!

The Girl Alone

DIR: Cíntia Domit Bittar . 11 min . SC/Brazil . 2016

In the little farm, amid the araucaria trees, the girl grow up listening from her father that the devil has dwelling in the old cabin of their yard. But neither the possible presence of the devil is as disturbing as what is actually inside of it.


DIR: Francisco Gusso, Pedro Giongo . 12 min . PR/Brazil . 2016

After years of drought, a mystic potato sprouts in the remote springs of the Aiatak River. Soon, everything will be ready for the great ritual of Tango. For the people, this is the beginning of a new era.

That Road

DIR: Rafael Ramos . 15 min . AM/Brazil . 2016

Omar gives up going to a job interview in Manaus and decides to embark on a trip with strangers. On a day when all sounds tedious and pragmatic, it seems to be the road the only way to Omar to seek courage and answers.

The Ballad of Death

DIR: Lucas Sá . 23 min . RS/Brazil . 2016

The city I live is the city I die.


DIR: Marcus Curvelo . 20 min . BA/Brazil . 2016

Guta and William find a caveman. Joder is sad.


DIR: Gabriel Medeiros, Rafael Spinola . 19 min . RJ/Brazil . 2016

As Zulma heard the first noise, Mariano had been digging through a pyle of records, there was this one Beethoven sonata he hadn't yet heard that summer.

The Parking Lot

DIR: William Biagioli . 15 min . PR/Brazil . 2016

Jean is an immigrant from Haiti who came to Brasil looking for a job. He eventually finds one in a parking lot in wich he lives in as well. Jean will find out that this routine can be maddening.

Way of Giants

DIR: Alois Di Leo . 12 min . SP/Brazil . 2016

In a forest of gigantic trees, Oquirá a six year old indigenous girl, will challenge her destiny and learn to understand the cycle of life.


DIR: Iris Junges . 19 min . SP/Brazil . 2016

After a long time without seeing one another, two brothers spend time together at a ranch house surrounded by the Atlantic Forest. As tension increases between them, a feeling of being observed takes place. Whoever is outside wants to come in.


DIR: Maurilio Martins . 25 min . MG/Brazil . 2016

Two strangers share a ride through the night. Although they cannot communicate, their frustrations and destinies establish another type of connection between them.

By the River

DIR: Renata Spitz . 18 min . RJ/Brazil . 2016

A girl is the only one who sees a body floating in the river at her backyard. Everything changes when the adults start seeing the body as well. Is it the same body?

Sales Comission

DIR: Miguel Antunes Ramos . 17 min . SP/Brazil . 2016

The sales, the dream, the battle. Crisis is for the weak.

Inside such small walls

DIR: Iuri Minfroy . 16 min . RS/Brazil . 2016

Biff travels back into the past and kills Darth Vader.

Useful Life

DIR: Pedro Machado . 15 min . Brazil . 2016

A cellphone-addicted loses his phone and end up discovering a whole new world out of the internet, in his journey to get a new phone.

Before Encanteria

DIR: Elena Meirelles, Gabriela Pessoa, Jorge Polo, Lívia de Paiva, Paulo Victor Soares . 21 min . CE/Brazil . 2016

A gang of gays tripping in the middle of the world. Since 2013, the collective Chá das Cinco conducts various cultural activities in the city of Icó, state of Ceará. Swallowed by what they did, they devour paths towards the moon.

Demônia: a Melodrama in 3 Acts

DIR: Cainan Baladez, Fernanda Chicolet . 17 min . SP/Brazil . 2016

Demônia is a devilish being. Or an evil woman.