Réquiem Meneghetti

DIR: Gilson Junior, Sarah Duarte . 8 min . Brazil . 2016

Fiction and reality are mixed in this documentary about the anarchist thief Gino Meneghetti. Legendary character in São Paulo of the 20th century, known as Roof’s Cat, his story is told through the highlights given to him by the press at the time.

On the Mission, with Kadu

DIR: Aiano Mineiro, Kadu Freitas, Pedro Maia de Brito . 25 min . Brazil . 2016

"Fala meu bom, na missão?"

Pursuing Irenice

DIR: Marco Escrivão, Thiago B. Mendonça . 25 min . Brazil . 2016

Recovering someone silenced by dictatorship. Pursuing Irenice is the search for a forgotten athlete. A story erased by the military.

Poor Nigger Fagot

DIR: Diego Tafarel . 15 min . RS/Brazil . 2016

Nei D'Ogum is african religion, is sex and is racial causes. He is love and contradiction. He is a fighter for civil rights for black people, gays and transsexuals. He is the very cause. He describes himself : "Poor , nigger, fagot."


DIR: Flávia Person . 15 min . SC/Brazil . 2015

The documentary Antonieta, a Flávia Person film, talks about Antonieta de Barros (1901-1952), woman, black, teacher, chronicle writer, feminist who  became, in 1935, the first black woman to hold public office in Brazil.


DIR: Thiago Busse . 23 min . PR/Brazil . 2016

A man unable to tell time.


DIR: Lara Dezan . 14 min . Brazil . 2015

Underclothes is the portrait of Suely, who used to be a handyman named Benedito Justo. After years wearing women’s clothes beneath her masculine ones, Suely dresses herself as a bride and drastically changes her life and her body.


DIR: Guilherme Soster, Jorge Loureiro, Luciano Scherer . 17 min . Brazil . 2015

Short portrait about an outsider artist named Ruby, who lives alone in a house near of the beach.


DIR: Maick Hannder . 7 min . MG/Brazil . 2016

A woman and her body.


DIR: Adriana Barbosa, Bruno Mello Castanho . 25 min . SP/Brazil . 2016

A filmic reverie in homage to the writer-gravedigger Tico, who in a marginal life, searches for an aesthetic and political inspiration.

The Invisible Border

DIR: Lucas Bonolo . 22 min . Brazil . 2016

In the Amazon jungle, shaping the borders of what they call “Brazil” and “Peru”, run free both Jaquirana and Javari rivers... In the village of Lobo, 4.000 km from Brasília, a nation divided by a line gets together to respond to a threat of war.


DIR: Lara Belov . 8 min . BA/Brazil, Canada . 2016

Ana leaves the coast of Brazil to live with her husband in a distant country. However she can’t forget a love she left behind.

If by chance

DIR: Pedro Freire . 15 min . RJ/Brazil, Cuba . 2016

In a small village in Cuba, an old man watches a film done 14 years ago. It's a film about a teenage love, a boy with no mother and child zombies. World premiere: Locarno Film Festival 2016 - Tribute to Abbas Kiarostami


DIR: Andrés Piñeros . 22 min . Colombia . 2016

Javier, a Colombian taxi driver, is forced to decide between his love for his brother Edgar and his love for Luz, a displaced woman who works for the two brothers.

Mast Qalandar

DIR: Divij Roopchand . 1 min . India, England . 2016

A young boy takes matters into his own hands to get what he wants.

But elsewhere is always better

DIR: Vivian Ostrovsky . 4 min . USA . 2016

Tribute to Chantal Akerman.


DIR: João Lima, Rafael de Toledo . 14 min . PR/Brazil, Vietnam . 2016

Regress and reflection.

Cambié su nombre y seguí hablando de ella sin que lo supieras

DIR: João Solda . 17 min . SP/Brazil . 2016

Camilo, a Cuban immigrant living in Paris, decides to return to the island after two decades away from home. Through the streets of Havana, he tells his friend Lázaro how he sees the island after all this time he was away.

Behind Blue Eyes

DIR: Bia Vilela . 15 min . SP/Brazil . 2016

A Brazilian immigrant meets an old and retired English man for a pact that will change their lifes.

All Still Orbit

DIR: Dane Komljen, James Lattimer . 23 min . Germany, Brazil, Croatia, Serbia . 2016

How do you make sense of a city built on a dream? Are all dreams made equal? Sometimes a documentary can feel like a fairy tale.

Land without evil

DIR: Enrico Masi, Urutau Guajajara . 17 min . Brazil, Italy . 2016

Urutau Guajajara is the founder of Aldeia Maracana Indigenous University. The stadium located in the same area will be the cerimonial icon of the XXXI Olympic Games in 2016 summer. Terra Sem Males is a film essay about human dignity.


DIR: Mozart Freire . 15 min . CE/Brazil . 2015

A haven for homoaffective relationships intermediated by the meeting , the look and the feel. A mosaic of impulses of desire and odes to the male body.

Black Label

DIR: Marcio Farias . 24 min . PE/Brazil . 2015

A city, several residents, the same story.

Turtle dreams

DIR: Bruno Ciancaglini . 18 min . Argentina . 2016

Danussi comes from an indefinite time. He walks by underground galleries in order to reach an objective.

Zagreb Condidential - Imaginary Futures

DIR: Darko Fritz . 13 min . Croatia . 2015

The film traces 50 years of urban development of Zagreb neighborhood that is built since 1960s. The heritage of modernism and utopian urbanism are placed in today's context marked by transition and lack of urban planning. An innovative technique of algorithmic editing was developed to juxtapose the archival footage with 3D modeling.

Field Inside

DIR: Gala Negrello, Melina Gutman . 15 min . Argentina . 2016

Isolated in the middle of nowhere, a group of children lives in a rural boarding school. Field Inside is an observational documentary about their everyday life which seeks and portrays them through the fog.

Waste no.2 Wreck

DIR: Jan Ijäs . 10 min . Finland . 2016

Wreck (2016) was filmed in 2014 and 2015 in the graveyard for refugee boats on the Italian island of Lampedusa. It is story of strange change of value of garbage and rubbish to something desirable.


DIR: Mariana Kaufman . 19 min . RJ/Brazil . 2015

We are in the future. There is no one here anymore. Scriptures left by visitors of all time , scriptures created by nature itself ? Inside the park time is confused. There is no way to capture it. It's all fiction.

Running Waters

DIR: Diego Zon . 23 min . ES/Brazil . 2016

The vastness of man is a place suspended in time, bordered by sky, land, river and sea.

Watermelon smell

DIR: Maria Cardozo . 16 min . PE/Brazil . 2016

Cíntia was young when her mother told her about the watermelon smell, the smell that you feel when a shark is close by.

The Switch

DIR: Zoltán Nagy . 11 min . Hungary . 2015

Béla and Pisti are 10-year-old knife-thrower twins in a touring circus. Their father loves only one of them. When the favorite son dies in an accident, the mother has an idea.

Distance between Dunes

DIR: Carla Francolino, Carolina Lara Grimberg . 20 min . Argentina . 2016

On her way back to the city from an overwhelming visit to her sick grandmother, Sofia must stay with Nacho and Sandra at a hotel by the sea until the fire ceases.