DIR: Vitor Medeiros . 25 min . RJ/Brazil . 2016

Mariana lives under the sea. One day, her professor Cecília introduces her to Christian, a prince from another world. He is perfect for her.

Janaína Overdrive

DIR: Mozart Freire . 19 min . CE/Brazil . 2016

A transciborgue fight against biotecnopolitical control of the corporation.


DIR: Carlos Nogueira . 15 min . SP/Brazil . 2015

scrotum machina in aeternum

The Bizzanelli's Chimeric Show

DIR: Omar E. Ospina Giraldo . 17 min . Colombia . 2015

The Bizzanellis, an eccentric family live in a narrow but peculiar room . They are preparing to present their usual show, but this show is nothing more than the drama itself of their daily living as artists.


DIR: Luca Tóth . 15 min . Hungary, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic . 2016

The native people of the surrealistic land of Superbia, where men and women form separate societies, face the changes sparked by the first equal couple in their history.

Metube 2 - August Sings Carmina Burana

DIR: Daniel Moshel . 5 min . Austria . 2016

After Elfie and her nerdy son August successfully proved themselves on their home webcam in MeTube 1, the odd pair venture onto the street to present the biggest, boldest, and sexiest operatic flash mob the internet has ever witnessed!

Room for Rent

DIR: Enock Carvalho, Matheus Farias . 20 min . PE/Brazil . 2016

Leticia lives by herself. Her nightly and melancholy routine hides a mystery. When she meets Gabriela at a party and brings her home, strange movements begin to develop in her old apartment.

The Incredible Tale of the Incredible Spiderwoman

DIR: Pablo Guirado . 17 min . Spain, France, Turkey . 2016

A young man, noose around his neck, prepares to hang himself. Bad luck? Fate? The rope breaks. As he wanders through the deserted streets, at night, he comes across a poster outside a bar that invites him to discover a strange show.


DIR: Pavel Soukup . 23 min . Czech Republic . 2016

Karel is a passionate gamekeeper. He has been taking good care of the forest and there are many enviable trophies in his collection. In a remote part of the forest, poachers waken a creature who could prove to be Karel’s equal.

The Procedure

DIR: Calvin Reeder . 4 min . USA . 2016

A man is captured and forced to endure a strange experiment.


DIR: Daniel Romero . 9 min . Spain . 2016

Victor and Ana are enjoying their holidays at an idyllic lake. After having a huge row, the girl walks away into the forest.

The Plan

DIR: Pierre Teullieres . 13 min . France . 2016

In an isolated mansion, a creature follows the orders of his master in order to accomplish a shady plan that will change the world. Meanwhile, a desperate father is looking for his missing daughter.


DIR: Francisco Denis . 10 min . Venezuela . 2016

In a restaurant`s fridge, a chef keeps some bodies, pieces of meat, flesh and bones. He operates a factory of domesticated animals humanized for the restaurant service.


DIR: Cleber Almeida . 15 min . Brazil . 2016

Bira is an old fisherman who lives alone on a desert beach , to be surprised by the arrival of a young surfer. Gradually the young man tries to understand why a fisherman who wishes so much the sea gave up the profession he loves.

My Father's Project

DIR: Rosaria Moreira . 6 min . RJ/Brazil . 2016

I have a friend and who says we have to draw the same thing over and over till it looks exactly the way you want it to.

The Flight

DIR: Manoela Ziggiatti . 11 min . Brazil . 2015

At the age of 3, Vitor wears his cape and is ready to fly.

Early Bird

DIR: Danilo Custódio . 16 min . Brazil . 2016

Gerson is a 15-year-old and lives a responsibility to take care of his younger brother, Léo.

Mute Demons Variations

DIR: Heitor Isoda . 19 min . Brazil . 2016

A documentary about various nude life-drawing sessions. Paper, ink, eyes, sound and motion.

Time for Tea

DIR: Bob Yang (Yang Kuan Mei) . 22 min . SP/Brazil . 2016

A chinese retired general receives an unusual visit from his grandson.


DIR: David Mussel . 4 min . RJ/Brazil . 2016

A woman locked in her memories receives a letter that makes she face her fears and past.

Doce Ipê Amarelo

DIR: Jhonatan Luiz . 17 min . DF/Brazil . 2015

Doce ipê amarelo tells Laura's story, a 6 years old child who, after an insomnia night, is swallowed to the World of Dreams, and must return home before the alarm rings.


DIR: Beca Furtado . 14 min . RJ/Brazil . 2016

A bottle with a message awakens in Gabriel, a lonely boy, a willingness to learn how to read and discover that the dream may be closer than he thinks.


DIR: Denis Leroy . 8 min . MG/Brazil . 2015

A film about the conflict between orishas and Olodumare. They try to reverse the situation and save mankind, which is only possible with the help of Oxum. The film is a perspective of the Yoruba mythology and african-Brazilian culture.

Gyros Dance

DIR: Piotr Loc Hoang Ngoc . 15 min . Poland . 2016

Story about two mice that are working in a kebab bar. One of them wants to be a TV star.


DIR: Arnau Gòdia Montesinos, Ingrid Masarnau Amorós, Martí Montañola Vilet, Sara Esteban Riera, Sonia Cendón Quireza . 7 min . Spain . 2016

Roger plays the leading role in an stop motion animation series. He suffers an accident on set that leaves him out of the series. All is lost for him, until something unexpected will change his fate.

Iâhmès and The Great Devourer

DIR: Claire Sichez, Marine Rivoal . 14 min . France . 2016

Ten-year-old Iâhmès refuses to die. Angry with the gods he rejects their judgment and runs away to his hometown. His journey towards acceptance begins.


DIR: Diego de Jesus . 17 min . ES/Brazil . 2016

Brasilia, 1999. A  impeachment's request was filed by the opposition. It accuses president Fernando Henrique Cardoso of having committed the crime of responsibility. Members of the government loyal tune their arguments, while the opposition promises not budge. There are still neutral deputies, who do not want to commit too.

The Resounding Cry

DIR: Fábio Rogério, Marcelo Ikeda . 30 min . Brazil . 2016

From an assembly of obligatory political advertising for the presidential election in 2014, the film presents a discussion of the political direction of Brazil through a reflection on the speeches of the leading candidates and the role of the image in the construction of these discourses.

Who doesn't have a dark side

DIR: Léo Favier . 15 min . France . 2016

The budget minister finds himself cornered by journalists. That’s it, they’ve found evidence of his secret Swiss bank account. Scandal! Resignation! How could things have come to such a pass?

Wooden tongue

DIR: Philippe Jasmin . 4 min . France . 2015

A big boss is recording a video to reassure his employees about the future of the company when a stubborn cough makes the performance difficult.

Slumber Party

DIR: David Pantaleón . 7 min . Spain . 2015

Slumber Party is a grotesque representation, a masquerade, the democracy under the rubble of lies.