DIR: Letícia Bina . 16 min . Brazil . 2016

In less than a year after she left prison, she became a mother for the second time and today she shares her time between work and house care.

No Drowning

DIR: Mélanie Laleu . 17 min . France . 2016

Humans are following the Voice. Inserted coins into dispensers raise the beat. Loneliness thinks she is pretty and rules people life. Then two dreamers cross each other road.


DIR: Wenceslao Scyzoryk . 5 min . Spain . 2015

A Christmas tale inspired by a true story.

War and Cheese

DIR: Ben Garfield . 8 min . England, Russia . 2016

“I heard destiny calling… I was going to be a cheesemaker.” When Oleg Sirota discovered his native Russia was banning all Western cheese imports, he quit his IT job in Moscow, sold his house and cars, took out a $100k loan and set about building a cheese factory in the snowy wilderness. “Russian Parmesan” was born.


DIR: Andrés Martínez Ramírez . 15 min . Colombia . 2016

Every night a group of friends meet in a secret place of the city to reflex about their lives. They are welcoming a new member of this family, Christian, a shy man who lives behind a chicken costume.

A Society of Services

DIR: Luca Ferri . 30 min . Italy . 2015

In a huge indoor space, networks of services and human activities take place. Streams of people flow in an architectural dimension.


DIR: Amanda Gutiérrez Gomes . 19 min . SP/Brazil . 2016

Galleria Presidente is the workplace, recreational area and cradle of the cultural resistance of African immigrants living in the city of São Paulo.


DIR: Severino Neto . 15 min . MT/Brazil . 2016

Compound is a short documentary showing a day in the everyday life of many people in a garbage dump. Although they look distinct, gradually we realize their bonds and pursuit, as well as their motivations, wishes, desires and sorrows.

Home (less) Home

DIR: Darcy Gladwin . 8 min . New Zealand . 2016

A personal work offering insight into current living situation which is in a van.

The Burning Dance

DIR: Mariano Leguizamón . 17 min . Argentina . 2016

Rosário struggles to get away from her alienating life but her situation worsens, the only thing that remains is “The Burning Dance”.

On air

DIR: Robert Nacken . 20 min . Germany . 2016

Two bohemians hijack a live radio show including the moderator and his guest, all in order to broadcast their political views. However, their intention to make a better world takes on a slightly different spin.

I'm not here.

DIR: Silke De Rycke . 13 min . Belgium . 2015

Although Karlijn isn’t living the life she has dreamed of, she does everything to make her son believe in his childhood dream.

Cycle 7-1

DIR: Gil Baroni . 25 min . Brazil . 2015

Brazil's festive ceremonies take place at the host cities in the 2014 World Cup. Luana wanders on the streets recycling trash and trying to explain the world to her six children.


DIR: Bruna Callegari . 18 min . Brazil . 2016

Deusa works as a tax collecting toll on the island where she lives. Accustomed to see the movement of travelers, she had never thought of her own destiny. When a whale washes up on the beach, Deusa feels different.


DIR: Fariza Tanayeva . 20 min . Kazakstan . 2016

Six-year girl watching the lives of their parents. The father drinks, earns a little money, he beats his wife. The mother is a religious person and totally against the image of her husband's life.

The Sniper of Kobani

DIR: Reber Dosky . 12 min . Netherlands, Syria . 2015

The Sniper of Kobani is a portrait of Haron, a Kurdish fighter who came to the Syrian town of Kobani to end the ISIS occupation.

Here Comes the Moon

DIR: Giulia Di Battista, Gloria Kurnik . 8 min . Italy, Poland . 2016

Life is full of symbolic fishing nets that trap us and set our course. Listen to the lady that makes the actual ones. How did the nets change her life and what is it that ultimately drowns her more and more with every day?

Memories of a strip club

DIR: Silvana Lázaro . 10 min . Mexico . 2016

Memories of a strip club


DIR: Frederico Machado . 19 min . Brazil . 2016

A human market makes a man plunges into an abyss of no return. With no one to trust his grief, the man collapses in her pain.


DIR: Boca Migotto . 15 min . RS/Brazil . 2016

João waits for a client while tries to do something in the spare time.

By the pool

DIR: Karine Bélanger . 15 min . Canada . 2016

During the heat wave, swimmers flock to a municipal pool. Come rain or come shine, as the days goes,  the place takes on a life of its own, and the lifeguards, while immature at times, shoulder considerable responsibilities.

A Short Film About Hats

DIR: Gabriel Foster Prior . 15 min . England . 2016

A surreal short film about the politics of personal choice, the fading of youthful idealism and what happens to every hat you ever lose.

Always A Farmer

DIR: Ayshea Halliwell . 26 min . Luxembourg . 2015

A portrait of a young farmer in one of the smallest and richest countries in the world.