DIR: Gabriela Santos Alves . 18 min . ES/Brazil . 2017

Maternity in the Brazilian prision system

Fire Mouth

DIR: Luciano Pérez Fernández . 9 min . RJ/Brazil . 2017

City of Salgueiro, in the heartland of Pernambuco, Brazil. In the stands, the heat punishes the fans. On the radio, Fire Mouth ignites the broadcasting. There`s no sports commentator like Fire Mouth.


DIR: Gabriel Martins . 27 min . MG/Brazil . 2017

Bia just turned eighteen. The end of the year is coming and also the ACTs. People at school and Bia's parents are pressuring her to decide which graduation she will apply for. Bia wants to do nothing.

Captain Brazil

DIR: Felipe Arrojo Poroger . 16 min . SP/Brazil . 2017

In a country that's tearing apart, the life of a ten-year old boy suddenly falls to pieces. When despair settles in, Captain Brazil finds room for action.


DIR: Adalberto Oliveira . 19 min . PE/Brazil . 2016

In retina, light rays that turn reveal a new world.


DIR: Álvaro Andrade Alves, Marcus Curvelo . 25 min . BA, MG/Brazil . 2017

Audiovisual chronicle of a new sensibility.


DIR: Petter Baiestorf . 4 min . SC/Brazil . 2017

A film about today’s world, about the need for a revolution, a riot of the masses against exploiters, so that the financial system can be rethought as a whole. An anarchist view of the chaos, what we need for this change to happen (because anarchism is not a jumble, is all about mutual support and solidarity).


DIR: Eduardo Morotó . 20 min . PE/Brazil . 2017

In a village Brazil’s countryside called Serra da Onça, the members of the Bull Party believe they have all power over women, workers and lands, which they took using fake property titles.


DIR: Angelo Defanti . 14 min . RJ/Brazil . 2017

On September of 2012, the mayor of Borá wrote a post on Facebook.

Praise to the Shadow

DIR: Joel Pizzini . 14 min . RJ/Brazil . 2016

“A dancer moves serenely inside an old Japanese mansion in Brazil’s countryside. She evokes the ghost of the Butoh master (Kazuo Ohno), while being involved with the shadows and memories of that mysterious place.”


DIR: Daniel Nolasco . 17 min . GO, RJ/Brazil . 2017

Sandro wants Maicon.


DIR: Leo Tabosa . 13 min . PE/Brazil . 2017

Look around. Everything you see and touch can have the taste of Vanilla.


DIR: Camila Gregório . 16 min . BA/Brazil . 2017

Ticiane looks for moments of distraction when everything is boiling.

You Are Seeing Things

DIR: Barbara Wagner, Benjamin de Búrca . 17 min . PE/Brazil . 2017

In the darkness of a nightclub, hairdresser Porck and firefighter Dayana try their luck as Brega singers while plotting their course from studio to stage. Gestures are followed by melodies about love, betrayal, luxury and power in an experimental doc.

Ant Killers

DIR: João Paulo Miranda Maria . 13 min . Brazil, France . 2017

In a small Brazilian town, a teenage girl works everyday in a eucalyptus forest where she chases ants away with pesticides. Yet, her inner struggle turns out to be the real fight.


DIR: Fernando Sanches . 13 min . SP/Brazil . 2017

Two drug dealers have the hard mission of killing a Paraguayan cat to remove one kilogram of cocaine from inside her stomach.


DIR: Reginaldo Farias, Ythallo Rodrigues . 19 min . CE/Brazil . 2017

Candelabras is flood of light, a great illuminated river of faith to drain in an ocean of fulfilled promises and desire for the future. It is to be in the holy ground, raised by Father Cícero, and in which in the way never got somebody lost.


DIR: David Reeks, Renata Meirelles, Renata Meirelles . 20 min . SP/Brazil . 2017

The documentary offers a unique glimpse at the way the Yudja people raise their children in the Xingu Indigenous Park, Brasil. 


DIR: Diogo Hayashi . 18 min . SP/Brazil . 2017

Oni is a female demon spirit, disturbed by the most hunger human feelings, such jealousy, enviness and love. 

Myriam’s Dress

DIR: Lucas H. Rossi . 15 min . RJ/Brazil . 2017

In a quiet house in the rural area of the state of Rio de Janeiro, an elderly couple deals with the limitation of aging. Divaldo shares his loneliness with Myriam. She passes away in her sleep and, the next day, Divaldo burries her in the backyard. After the burying, he demonstrates his mourning in a peculiar way.


DIR: Laís Melo . 15 min . PR/Brazil . 2017

The courage was gradually being made as the anguish took hold of the body. One morning, Gloria, 34, leaves to find a place for being.


DIR: Vinícius Silva . 25 min . RS, SP/Brazil . 2016

The daily life of a black mother on the outskirts of São Paulo and its divine influence upon the child.

The Daytime Doorman

DIR: Fábio Leal . 25 min . PE/Brazil . 2016

Marcelo realizes it's time to try to go further with Márcio, the doorman in his building. Two worlds will collide through these men’s bodies.

Pavement Song

DIR: Pedro Giongo . 16 min . PR/Brazil . 2017

At night, when the streets are empty, the pavement echoes the music of silence

After the conversation, they say goodbye with an embrace

DIR: Renan Brandão . 20 min . RJ/Brazil . 2017

At the same time that Elisa says goodbye to Heliomar,she meets the young Michel.

Golden Arrow Wrestling Club

DIR: Cíntia Domit Bittar . 15 min . SC/Brazil . 2017

Between fists and thumps, the fighters of the Golden Arrow wrestling club return to the ring after 50 years to revive the glorious era of catch wrestling in Southern Brazil.


DIR: Calí dos Anjos . 10 min . RJ/Brazil . 2017

Tailor is a transgender cartoonist that shares in his web page other trans people's experiences and their challenges in society. Film about transgender, made by transgender crew. 


DIR: Gustavo Vinagre . 19 min . SP/Brazil . 2017

Angelica needs to change her lock. 

Orbiting Ones

DIR: Rodrigo Campos . 22 min . PE/Brazil . 2017

In between stars, traffic, sea, poetry and pressures, Vera, prolific but never published writer, and the Watchman, electrician, plumber and studious of astronomy, exercise their freedom of inhabiting the worlds which they took as theirs.

Peito Vazio

DIR: Leon Sampaio, Yuri Lins . 18 min . PE/Brazil . 2017

When someone leaves us, when our roof falls, when our beliefs seem to make no more sense, only the emptiness remains.