DIR: Talkhon Hamzavi . 24 min . Switzerland . 2012

Parvaneh, a young Afghan immigrant, lives in a transit centre for asylum in the Swiss mountains. Upon hearing of her father’s illness, she travels for the first time to Zurich in order to send her family money. This is the starting point of various encounters.

At The Mermaid Parade

DIR: Carmen Jaquier . 23 min . Switzerland . 2013

Ana feels like she is suffocating, oppressed by school, boys, societal constraints. She escapes, taking along her friend Marilou despite her better judgment. Venturing into the forest, the two adolescents discover the force of sudden, intense friendships. Their quest for identity and liberty quickly transforms their escape into a rite of passage.


DIR: Julia Furer . 20 min . Switzerland . 2015

Julian has been living in an old warehouse for twelve years, building harpsichords. When he faces eviction from his live-in workshop, he is confronted with the fact that he has neglected himself as a human being; he is suddenly aware of his lifestyle and of the ever more pressing questions about his future and his purpose in life.

Tons of Passion

DIR: Corina Schwingruber Ilić . 12 min . Switzerland . 2011

“For this job you need to have diesel fuel or hydraulic oil in your blood, otherwise you can’t do it!” Dust in their eyes, noise in their ears and passion in the heart! That’s the job of a digger driver working in the demolition business. How diggers become ballerinas and why after all size still matters?

Little Jugoslawia

DIR: Nikola Ilić . 16 min . Switzerland . 2013

A multi-faceted portrait of a motley group of people from ex-Yugoslavia who emigrated to Switzerland over the last 40 years. Much as they might praise and appreciate the advantages of living in Switzerland, they have kept their traditions of old and live a life of yearning and nostalgia in their own separate canton, the “Canton of Yugoslavia.

Quiet Mujo

DIR: Ursula Meier . 11 min . Germany, Bosnia-herzegovina, France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland . 2014

It’s training time at the Zetra stadium in Sarajevo. Ten-year-old Mujo misses his penalty kick. The ball flies over the goal and disappears among the tombstones of the graveyard that replaced the sports grounds during the war. “Go search among the Christians!” some of his playmates yell. “Seek among the Muslims!” others snicker. Searching for the ball, Mujo wanders in the kingdom of the dead.

Home's Sound

DIR: Maxime Kathari . 14 min . Switzerland . 2015

Before leaving for Europe, a young Brazilian student spends the last moments at home with her mother. A hug and a chat express the mutual love between mother and daughter.

Our Sea

DIR: Eileen Hofer . 15 min . Cuba, Switzerland . 2015

In Havana, Emilio watches the prima ballerina dancing. He repairs her ballet shoes but doesn’t dare talk to her. He’s too shy. At home, he takes care of his elderly mother and spends some time with his neighbour, the singer Omara Portuondo. Together they watch the sea changing colour. A storm is brewing.

Down On The Corner

DIR: Corina Schwingruber Ilić, Nikola Ilić . 15 min . Switzerland . 2013

Beer, cigarettes or margarine, the corner store in Sirca has it all. It's the meeting point of those who didn't emigrate. No work, no money, but a lot of humour and friendship. Everyday life in Central Serbia and maybe soon all over Europe?


DIR: Pablo Briones . 11 min . Spain, Switzerland . 2016

Taking care of pigeons, going fishing, being friends. A day in the life of Leonel and Antuán, two young boys living in the Cuban countryside.

The Right Path

DIR: Auby El Hout, Fouad Alaywan . 15 min . Lebanon, Switzerland . 2015

Leaving one’s land behind is a serious matter for the Lebanese, and especially for Zacharia, who prides himself on defending his country from extremists across the border. Yet, he has no other choice than to send his wife and two children away. It is in the name of Islam and of its blurred limits that everything collapses and that one man’s fate merges with that of his country.

A World For Raúl

DIR: Mauro Mueller . 15 min . USA, Switzerland . 2012

When Raúl, the farmer's son, is asked to entertain the local landowner's son, a game of power and pride starts between the two boys. A game that Raúl will never forget.

Room 606

DIR: Peter Volkart . 15 min . Switzerland . 2012

The travelling salesman Jonathan Fisch peddles glass eyes. His journey takes him to the edge of the province, where he checks in to a run-down hotel. The attic room number 606 has its pitfalls. Something rather peculiar is happening beyond the wall. Jonathan Fisch can expect a very turbulent night. A night that begins one evening in late autumn and doesn’t end until spring.


DIR: Jan-Eric Mack . 19 min . Switzerland . 2013

Alfonso is a stage hypnotist, gruff and shrewd. He will once again show off his skills at a local talent show. The winner will get the heart of the lower middle class, as well as a generous prize money. When the show routine gets out of control, the only safe way out seems to be a stylish retreat.

You Can't Do Everything At Once, But You Can Leave Everything At Once

DIR: Marie-Elsa Sgualdo . 15 min . Switzerland . 2012

Without knowing it, we attach significance to ghost stories that circulate around us. In such a way, in 2011 Marie-Elsa Sgualdo discovered the work of Spanish director José-Luis Guerin, creating in her the desire to contact him. “I thought about sending him a letter in the form of auto-fiction to try to express what had moved me in his films. (…) I undertook to breathe life into what I would call rumours, without obliging myself to always tell the truth.” (Marie-Elsa Sgualdo)


DIR: Pascal Reinmann . 15 min . Switzerland . 2016

Measuring their power and proving themselves is part of the boys’ everyday life. Even for the 13-year-old gentle-natured Yannik. Until his best friend’s upcoming sexual curiosity suddenly puts him in a threatening situation. Where is the line between game and reality and what happens if that line is crossed?

In August

DIR: Jenna Hasse . 9 min . Switzerland . 2014

Margaux, six years old, awakens early on this August morning. She goes to the window and sees her father putting objects and cardboard boxes into the car… Her mother is still sleeping. This summer morning promises to be a singular one for the little girl, who is about to experience a significant moment in her life.

Kacey Mottet Klein, Birth Of An Actor

DIR: Ursula Meier . 14 min . Switzerland . 2015

8 years. 12 years. 15 years old. A body is growing and developing in front of the camera, absorbing sensations and emotions, confronting its limits and its darker hidden parts. A body that through the years abandons itself to the character, transforming what could be seen as simple (children's) play-acting into the true work of an actor. A portrait of an adolescent who has created himself with the camera.