DIR: Thiago Moulin . 14 min . ES/Brazil . 2017

Divided between his passion for music and his role at the head of a family-owned factory, Fábio works hard as he projects his dreams into a kind of parallel world.

O Lamento da serpente

DIR: Guilherme da Costa . 16 min . MG/Brazil . 2017

If my past was full of mud, those who defame me today also live in the mud.


DIR: Lucía Dobal . 11 min . Argentina . 2017

Carla, an eleven year old girl who loves to play football, is entering puberty. Not happy with the recent changes in her body and the attention they arouse, Carla decides to wear an oversized hoodie in mid summer the same day she has a match.


DIR: Andrés Ramírez Pulido . 14 min . Brazil, Colombia . 2017

Deep inside the jungle, a group of teenage girls are being kept under supervision. Despite abandonment and hostility, Damiana hopes she can get in touch with her father.


DIR: Xabier Irigibel Uriz . 20 min . Costa Rica, Spain . 2017

Wild boar lives in the mountain and the mountain lives in Wild Boar. After each day of work, a simple man faces his darkness by embracing it.

Formas de Voltar para casa

DIR: Rafael Ramos . 16 min . AM/Brazil . 2017

When Rafael sees old videotapes from his family, he goes back to his past to understand his present.

Samba de Cacete: The Dawn of Maroons

DIR: André dos Santos, Artur Dutra . 26 min . PA/Brazil . 2016

O documentário mostra o Samba de Cacete, que é uma manifestação cultural ainda preservada em comunidades quilombolas do baixo rio Tocantins, Amazônia paraense, que envolve música, canto e dança com elementos dos batuques afrobrasileiros.

Familiar Tale

DIR: Sumie García . 20 min . Mexico . 2017

FotoSaeki is a photography store in the Santa María neighborhood in Mexico City. Its owner, Yukio Saeki, arrived in Mexico in 1955. At 83, he can still hear the echo of a hot Monday morning in Japan, as he walked to the ocean when he was 13 years old.

El Hombre de Cartón

DIR: Michael Labarca . 12 min . France, Venezuela . 2017

It’s Diego’s seventh birthday and something’s wrong. No one understands why he refuses to smash the piñata he happily picked up earlier with his father.

Chapéu de Bico

DIR: Ricardo Saraiva . 18 min . SP/Brazil . 2017

Carvalho, a bus driver in the outskirts of São Paulo, just bought his grandson a very special gift for their first Christmas together. In order to join the family’s celebration, he now must hope for his night shift replacement to turn up on time.

No Shelter

DIR: Leonardo Remor . 20 min . RS/Brazil . 2017

Among the noises of the streets, Valéria silently struggles to survive on a cold winter in Porto Alegre.

O Capital

DIR: Matías Alejandro Gamio . 14 min . Argentina . 2017

A humble philosophy professor starts losing his mind after a new and expensive edition of Marx's "Capital" awakens in him a guilty obsession.

So far, So good

DIR: Ernesto Lozano . 20 min . Colombia . 2017

The daily life of a popular neighborhood in Bogotá is interrupted by a man threatening to commit suicide by jumping into the void. Echeverry, an old mariachi and Jacinto, a gambling addict, will bet the money they have to the man's decision.

The Little We Keep

DIR: Benedito Ferreira . 23 min . GO/Brazil . 2017

Grandmother and granddaughter are moving from the house where they live in the center of Goiânia, next to the lot where happened the Cesium 137 accident. Soon the House will be demolished for the construction of a museum. Meanwhile, a strange presenc

Kids and Kings

DIR: Gabriela Romeu . 16 min . SP/Brazil . 2016

During the final year of her reign, Maria faces the drama of passing the crown to her younger sister, in one of the most famous reisados of Brazil’s semi-arid hinterlands.

Juliana na Cinemateca

DIR: Diego Quindere, Estevão Meneguzzo . 16 min . RJ/Brazil . 2016

The Modern art museum’s film archive in the city of Rio de Janeiro has a collection of 80 thousand film prints and one of a kind camera negatives. Busy with the restoration of the pieces, Juliana copes with decay and the constants dilemmas that’s inv


DIR: Humberto Vallejo . 10 min . Dominican Republic . 2017

Chanel doesn’t live in New York like she has led all her family to believe. A voice message puts in danger the double life she has built for her baby daughter and herself.

Blending the void

DIR: Kevin Raul Zayat . 20 min . Argentina . 2017

A boy meets a girl meanwhile they roam the city.

Yearn For

DIR: Diego Lima . 18 min . PB/Brazil . 2017

A force that acts whenever two bodies go into shock and there is a tendency to move.


DIR: André Felix, Estevão Meneguzzo . 17 min . RJ/Brazil . 2016

Valentina needs to make an important decision in her life while working with film preservation at the Cinematheque of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro. 


DIR: Carla Gutiérrez Yáñez . 13 min . Argentina . 2017

Naranjita, is an old woman who has been watching cars in one of Cordoba's block for four years. While she is waiting for drivers to pay her, she passes time listening to the radio, lost between traffic and passers-by.


DIR: Ignacio Oyuela . 11 min . Argentina, China . 2017

Anyu and Lan have been living happily together for more than 50 years in Sunan, China. They both keep the Yugur tradition alive by their vocational activities.

Agua Fria

DIR: María Graciela Lopéz Salazar, Sebastián Andrés Soto Salas . 24 min . Chile . 2017

Bastian's life is shown through his routine in the cold and humid south of Chile. He lives his life in the best way possible. Playing, not realizing the lack of water and precariousness of their environment. He's just waiting for the next rainy day.


DIR: Júlia Morim . 20 min . PE/Brazil . 2017

A chat with Maria dos Prazeres, traditional midwife, whose life experience in midwifery is a "symbiosis" between the traditional and the contemporary, the popular and the biomedical, and thus, manages to continually incorporate and build knowledge


DIR: Daniel Fernandes . 10 min . GO/Brazil . 2017

ZARAGATA (feminine noun) 1. state of disorder, of uproar; Tumult, tumult, rustle. 2. conflict or quarrel involving many people; Clutter, disorder, confusion.

Crônicas do meu silêncio

DIR: Beatriz Pessoa . 9 min . SP/Brazil . 2016

Stories and silencies that cross and recognize one another.


DIR: Hector Ochoa . 13 min . Colombia . 2017

Ciro is 70 years old. He is a peasant who plants yucca to survive. He starts feeling tired, weak and can't work the land anymore. His only son Gerson who is in jail wants to help his father.

Hermit Crab

DIR: Alejandro Ramírez Collado . 12 min . Mexico . 2017

After committing a crime, a lonely fisherman wanders through the hidden places of a coastal area.

The Jerrycan

DIR: Diego Cendra Woodman . 14 min . Argentina, Peru . 2017

Gato returns to the club he was expelled from to obtain compensation or some sort of answer from his friends who betrayed him, before executing his last movement.