A Barca

DIR: Nilton Resende . 19 min . AL/Brazil . 2019

On Christmas Eve, two women engage in a dialogue in a barge as it glides over the waters of a dark, icy pond. An unexpected event will leave its mark at the end of this crossing.

A Morte Branca do Feiticeiro Negro

DIR: Rodrigo Ribeiro . 10 min . SC/Brazil . 2020

Memories of a slavery past overflow into ethereal landscapes and harrowing noises. The short film "The White Death of the Black Wizard" presents an unprecedented history of the brutal times of slavery in Brazil, through a visual essay that brings a reflection on the silencing and invisibility of the black people in diaspora, in an intimate and sensory journey. Images of permanence, in a scream that spans centuries.


DIR: Enock Carvalho , Matheus Farias . 20 min . PE/Brazil . 2020

Just before the pandemic, the world experiences a phenomenon never seen before. Marilene looks for her daughter Roberta, a trans woman who went missing. While running out of time, she discovers a hope for the future.

Tempos de Caça

DIR: Diego Amorim . 18 min . RJ/Brazil . 2020

A researcher invites a local guide to accompany her to the ruins of the old Don Felipe Club, in the Municipal Park of Nova Iguaçu. At the trail, her investigation is threatened by unexpected events.

Deserto Estrangeiro

DIR: Davi Pretto . 20 min . RS/Brazil . 2020

A young Brazilian man who just started to work in a huge forest in Berlin is dragged into a nightmare involving the colonial past of Germany when he tries to find a girl lost in the woods.


DIR: Lillah Halla . 22 min . SP/Brazil . 2020

In a Brazilian village infested with piranhas, Nanã and Mel are fast growing into adolescence as they dream of ways of protecting themselves against a seemingly inescapable violence. When a mysterious body appears tangled in a fisherman's net, the two girls begin to learn what might be their ultimate protection.

O Jardim Fantástico

DIR: Fabio Baldo, Tico Dias . 21 min . SP/Brazil . 2020

An indigenous teacher implements the use of Ayahuasca in her classes in order to connect her students to another reality. During a ritual, one of the children comes upon a weird gear in the forest.

Voyage Voyage

DIR: Sabrina Fidalgo . 4 min . RJ/Brazil . 2020

Longing for the world during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cidade Sem Mar

DIR: Felipe Nepomuceno . 5 min . RJ/Brazil . 2020

He was a boy forgotten in the backyard from his own childhood.

Eu Também Não Te Vejo Daqui

DIR: Ariela Calanca . 13 min . SP/Brazil . 2020

Fragments of daily conversations taken from instant messaging apps, in which friends and family members discuss the arrival and growth of the pandemic in Brazil, beginning in March 2020. They routinely narrate insecurities, fears and news and share their reflections about isolation and how the pandemic has affected their lives. Anguish, loneliness, unemployment, longing and the uncertainty of the present and future. Meanwhile the camera seeks refuge through the window hole and finds its equals, which takes the confrontation with its own loneliness even further.

O Barco e o Rio

DIR: Bernardo Ale Abinader . 17 min . AM/Brazil . 2020

Vera is a religious woman who takes care of a boat in the port of Manaus. She needs to deal with her sister Josi, with whom she disagrees about how to handle the boat and how to live life.


DIR: Denize Galiao . 30 min . SP/Germany, Brazil . 2019

An old brazilian legend says that “Saudade” was created by the African gods that the enslaved people don’t forget their beloved ones and where they come from. Triggered by the disease of her father the afro Brazilian directress Denize Galiao explores her deepest feelings for her home and her roots which she does not want to lose after 20 years of living in Germany. The word Saudade which cannot be translated into any other language is the red line through the story of a family that lives between two different cultures.

Minha História é Outra

DIR: Mariana Campos . 22 min . RJ/Brazil . 2019

Is love between black women more than a love story? Niázia opens her home to share the most important layers in the search for this answer. Law student Leilane presents us with the challenges and possibilities of building a journey of affection with Camila.

O Babado da Toinha

DIR: Sergio Bloch . 13 min . RJ/Brazil . 2020

That Toinha is not just any Bahian is evident to those who see her, for the first time, behind her board. What many do not even suspect is that she is the one who makes the palm oil that she uses to prepare her delicacy. She climbs the coconut tree, drops the bunch, cooks the coconuts, macerates them in the pestle, and when everything turns into a paste, she separates the liquid from the bagasse in a long manual process. Then she boils the palm again and only then does the oil appear, like a blade, over the water. At night she will serve the dumplings generously stuffed and packed in a banana leaf, which Toinha herself takes off the tree, and prepared over the fire. The business takes a lot of work, but who cares? – “My acarajé has to be perfect. That's why I do the male and female frills” – she says proudly.


DIR: Jéssica Barreto . 19 min . SP/Brazil . 2019

Transvestite and marginalized, Sabrina Fernandes left her small town in the countryside to take a chance into the largest capital of Latin America, São Paulo. During long years as a homeless person, she suffered violence, abuse and prejudice. Even so, a job opportunity can brighten up her life as she has always dreamed of.

Ser Feliz No Vão

DIR: Lucas Rossi . 12 min . RJ/Brazil . 2020

A black rehearsal about trains, beaches and the occupation of space.


DIR: Leon Barbero . 13 min . SP/Brazil . 2020

When an ordinary man realizes the falseness among the entanglement of broadcasts and screens, a mysterious digital voice emerges to show him the secrets hidden behind the false truths.


DIR: Marco Arruda . 16 min . RS/Brazil . 2020

MAGNÉTICA, an experimental animated short film, is a psychoactive allegory about the dazzle! Directed by Marco Arruda, starring Ricardo Assoni, Marisa Rotenberg, Gabriel Marinho, soundtrack by Fu_k The Zeitgeist and a production by Otto Desenhos Animados.

In a city of drawn characters, we witness the arrival of an entity composed of unknown materiality. With a mysterious presence and its exotic allegories, it starts to enchant people, awakening their most insane senses.

Medo da Chuva Em Noite de Frio

DIR: Victor Hugo Fiuza Barbosa . 24 min . RJ/Brazil . 2020

Since the 2018 presidential election, Soraia has not seen her father.  After taking part in a documentary about emotional ties, she decides to attend a family party.

Pausa Para o Café

DIR: Tamiris Tertuliano . 7 min . PR/Brazil . 2020

Two women, one problem and a coffee break.

De Um Lado Do Atlântico

DIR: Milena Manfredini . 7 min . RJ/Brazil . 2020

"De um lado do Atlântico" is the first in a series of films that propose a dialogue between filmmaker Milena Manfredini and her artistic and affective references. The films are contacts in which the director casts letters with images into the sea, in an attempt to blur geographical boundaries and the limits of earthly finitude and temporality. This maritime casting is also intended for filmmaker Christopher Harris.


DIR: Yuri Costa . 23 min . RJ/Brazil . 2020

After years away due to his brother's murder, a renowned journalist returns to his family's home to take care of his mother, who suffers from an unknown illness. Late at night, he is visited by two strangers. As new events unfold leading him to suspect that something ominous and deeply disturbing has struck his mother, a new tragedy rises.

Manaus Hot City

DIR: Rafael Ramos . 13 min . AM/Brazil . 2020

Two friends meet to eat a bodó fish. The talk between them goes through the colors and smells of the houses, cooks on the pavement, in the heat of the city. Someone stays and someone leaves.


DIR: Lucas Melo . 21 min . RJ/Brazil . 2019

Gustavo loses his job for not believing in the revelation of the first image of a black hole, and now he doesn’t know what to do.

Celio’s Circle

DIR: Diego Lisboa . 10 min . BA/Brazil . 2020

Célio lives at the margin of a large metropolis. His body works like an antenna that captures all the turbulence happening in the world. Célio is also the world.

Adeus aos Livros

DIR: Diego Quinderé de Carvalho . 12 min . RJ/Brazil, Portugal . 2020

A second-hand bookstore in the outskirts of Lisbon is overcrowded from floor to ceiling with books of all kinds. In addition to precious rarities, less relevant books, a few remnants of torn papers and old random magazines. José Ribeiro is a 76-year-old bookseller facing the impossibility of organizing his shop. And now he battles between preservation of memory and excessive accumulation.

Corpo Oco

DIR: Pedro Severien . 22 min . PE/Brazil . 2020

A couple of artists (a painter/performer and a photographer) experience a double isolation – isolation from the city, because they live in a studio in the old part of the center of Recife but do not interact with its surroundings, and an affective/conjugal isolation established between themselves. "Hollow body" captures the spectrum of a separation.

O Que Pode Um Corpo

DIR: Marcio Picoli, Victor di Marco . 14 min . RS/Brazil . 2020

A baby is born, but does not cry. A body screams and is not heard. Paints that run in a promised future do not reach a person with a disability. Victor makes himself the canvas in a universe of absent painters.

Portugal Pequeno

DIR: Victor Quintanilha . 20 min . RJ/Brazil . 2020

Jonatan, also known as MC Xerelete, has the dream of becoming a famous funk singer and, with that, providing the comfortable life that he sees in the media for himself and his father. Until this happens, both of them work as fishermen at the Guanabara Bay. Together, they face the responsibilities and obstacles that life throws at them.

Agahü: O Sal do Xingu

DIR: Takumã Kuikuro . 1 min . SC/Brazil . 2020

Inspired by the 18th article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, the documentary shows how Agahü is traditionally made and used by the Kuikuro people in the Alto Xingu.  The salt of Xingu feeds the spirit of nature, rituals and people, strengthening the soul.

Antes do Çairé

DIR: Rodrigo Ribeyro . 21 min . SP/Brazil . 2020

In the village of Alter do Chão, in Pará, the catraieiros perform their work in the days leading up to Çairé, a local party responsible for the biggest tourist, economic, cultural and religious movement of the season. While waiting

Killing Me Softly

DIR: Gabriela Giffoni . 20 min . RJ/Brazil, Portugal . 2019

Dawn in Lisbon. Before we leave, let's meet.

Não Quero Ir Nada Mais Que Até o Fundo

DIR: Thaís Frech Mandarino . 24 min . RJ/Brazil . 2020

Samanta works for a third-party messaging service company, while dealing in therapy with the grief over her mother’s death. Santiago misses his girlfriend and attends a support group. In the same city, a peculiar waiter works while reciting poetry in his bar.