DIR: Florentina Gonzalez . 11 min . France . 2022

Mankind no longer exists, only Fluor and Carlix, two ghosts in sportswear, remain.

They wander among the remains of an extinct civilization, one in search of a Wi-Fi connection, the other in search of the head of a giant cetacean. A story of encounter and friendship, punctuated by a final playlist: that of the end of the world.


DIR: Esteban Garcia Garzon . 19 min . Colombia . 2022

Azen, a 9-year-old boy, begins to see strange beings in the jungle. He must decide whether to accept to enter this magical world or allow the jungle to continue filling up with corpses from the armed conflict.


DIR: Gaëlle Graton . 17 min . Canada-Québec . 2022

Newly employed in an emergency shelter for people experiencing homelessness, Genevieve is shocked to meet again with Camille, a young woman whom she believed to have successfully reinserted while being her social worker.​

*Shot in a real emergency shelter for homeless people in Montreal, QC, Canada.


DIR: Anton Bialas . 29 min . France . 2022

MANTA RAY is a fragmented portrayal of three characters in search of poetic and liberating openings in a muzzled and gradually authoritarian Paris of the 2020’s. United under the sign of the MANTA RAY, Kamilya, Ghost Rider and Gilles, each in their own way, organizes their secret melody, crafts a situation, where, alternately, a sense of lightness can be found, suffocated screams can uprise and reality be distorted into new horizons.


DIR: Lloyd Lee Choi . 15 min . USA . 2022

Lu is a Chinese immigrant living day to day on tips from his job as a delivery worker. He supports his wife and ailing mother as they desperately try to make ends meet in the unforgiving city. One night, his bicycle, and in essence his livelihood, is stolen from him. He’s forced to embark on a desperate journey to reclaim his bike or shatter the fragile life he’s built in America.


DIR: Hadi Babaeifar . 14 min . Iran . 2021

Ehsan, a nine-year-old boy,  lives with his family in a far village in the North of Iran. His young er brother has a serious illness that cannot be cured by doctors. His family does their best to help their child out but it does not work out and he gets worse step by step every day. Ehsan’s family does not let him know about his broth er’s health and he himself figures out what is happening. Ehsan feels his brother is going to die. By an old story he believes that a death angel comes to get his brother’s life in a deer shape. When Ehsan sees a deer at the window at midnight, he decides to go out in the snow to guard the house not to let the deer take his brother’s life.


DIR: Polen Ly . 24 min . Cambodia . 2022

A young indigenous Bunong woman and her older brother spend one last day in their rural village in northeastern Cambodia, before an impending move to the capital city in search of a more prosperous life. While her brother is excited for the move, she senses a quiet desire to return to their long-gone village that was lost to the development of a nearby hydroelectric dam a few years earlier.


DIR: Michelle Coelho . 11 min . Brazil, Cuba . 2021

The odyssey of a child who cannot escape his destiny begins. We follow his last day saying goodbye to his house in San Tranquilino, the place where he grew up. A world begins to disintegrate, from childhood into the adult world, from a natural place to a controlled one. A n oracle reveals the prophecy of the Messiah


DIR: Joseph Wallace . 16 min . England . 2022

A troupe of clowns gather to perform a story about a Priest and a refugee but as their misguided tale unfolds, the boundaries between fiction and reality begin to fray.


DIR: Amartei Armar . 15 min . France, Ghana . 2022

Set in a small Ghanaian town at the edge of a large landfill site that spills into the ocean, the sons of a fisherman, Sowah and Okai, struggle to cope with loss of their eldest brother who drowned during a fishing expedition. Haunted by his demise, Okai believes their brother is still out there…


DIR: Pedro Cabeleira . 27 min . Portugal . 2022

Márcia, wannabe digital influencer, lands a promising date with Da Reel Chullz, a famous rapper, but has no one to leave Flávio, her son, with. The solution is to take him with her.


DIR: Gabriel Bellone . 20 min . USA . 2022

A Film about Mace and Soap. A model attempts to kill a photographer after a mutual confidante turns to murderous despair.


DIR: Luis Enrique Barbour . 15 min . Colombia . 2022

An elderly estranged couple rebounds due to the shock caused by a violent argument between a neighboring couple. In the middle of night, nags of a weary woman and the excuses of her persistent husband emerge.


DIR: Joseph Pierce . 15 min . Belgium, France, England . 2022

Driving along the motorway, Will loses his sense of scale. As his crippling drug addiction deepens, he struggles to unpick the sequence of events that led to his predicament, before he’s lost forever.


DIR: Giulia Grandinetti . 17 min . Italy . 2022

In a dystopian Rome, a law is enforced which doesn’t allow immigrant families to have more than three children. If a fourth is to be expected, he or she must be born, however, one of them must then be killed, giving the females priority for sacrifice. Zoe, Iris and Clio are three sisters, but one of them will soon be killed…


DIR: Frèdérique Buck , Gintare Parulyte . 8 min . Luxembourg . 2021

“Aftermath, Afterpath.” is an experimental short about you, us, and every woman you love. It shows a young and innocent girl jumping on a trampoline, whilst various women share their stories of abuse and body-shaming, thereby exposing a potential prophecy of what might await the protagonist, if we continue to live by the aftermath of misogyny that affects the majority of women in the world today.


DIR: Douwe Dijkstra . 29 min . Netherlands . 2022

How can you understand a violent past? Somali-born Abdi reenacts his life, marked by war and criminality, with the help of his neighbour and filmmaker Douwe. Through playful reconstructions in a special effects studio, they embark on a candid and investigative journey through a painful history, focusing on the creative process throughout.


DIR: Stéphanie Roland . 20 min . Federated States of Micronesia . 2022

Nothing really survives here.

The bottom is so deep that no light ever reaches it.

Very few boats go through.

It is unknown when the falls will take place.

This experimental documentary portrays a space object and its fall into the darkness of a space cemetery. A woman scientist reveals her attachment to this object and the absence of images documenting this mysterious place. As a reverse sci-fi journey, this essay mixes real and fictional archives to guide us, like a stalker, to the outskirts of an invisible place.


DIR: Isabelle Tollenaere . 15 min . Belgium . 2022

In The Fruit Tree a young woman, Sharleece, wanders through a house that is available to rent in the sleepy desert town where she lives, California City. Looking out of the window evokes unexpected memories of her childhood home in Los Angeles.


DIR: João Gonzalez . 15 min . Portugal . 2022

Every day, a father and his son jump with a parachute from their vertiginous cold house, attached to a cliff, to go to the village on the ground, far away, where they sell the ice they produce daily.