June 22, 2022

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the postponement of submission for the 32nd annual Festival Curta Cinema. For the first time in more than 30 years of existence, the festival is unable to start its work. It was not possible to secure the minimum structure and funding to assemble its initial team. We managed to overcome two years of a pandemic, even carrying out face-to-face activities in 2021, but for a festival with the scope of Curta Cinema to take place we need the support of public or private institutions that, unfortunately, have not shown interest in the continuation of our work.

Over the course of 31 festivals, we have built a solid international reputation among distributors, producers, partner festivals and a wide range of cultural institutions. We were the first Brazilian qualifying festival for the Oscars short film category, as well as other major awards such as BAFTA and GOYA. Unfortunately, this international recognition finds no echo in Brazil. Precisely because of the lack of recognition in our own country and the lack of government support coming from all its three levels (municipal, state and federal), the Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival runs the risk of no longer happening.

We still hope to mobilize partners and sponsors to ensure the viability of the Festival Curta Cinema. But it is imperative that we announce the postponement of the beginning of our submissions, which usually occurs in this month of June. As soon as we have good news, submission will be open and the festival dates will be rescheduled. For now, all our activities are suspended.